The EU is a Community of Losers

The European Union is governed by pathetic weasels that think the Russians only care about shopping for overpriced couture in Milan, partying in Saint Tropez (WTF?), and diamonds in Antwerp. No sane person cares about diamonds anywhere, except maybe industrial machines.

Honestly, Russia is trying to stop the fascists in Kiev from killing the people of Donbas, and some cretin like Borell threatens them with a ban on parties in Sant Tropez? How about you go fuck yourself Borell? Better yet, throw a #WeStandUnited rave in #SaintTropez, that will do the trick…

4 thoughts on “The EU is a Community of Losers

  1. They’re confusing Russia with China. I never said it directly back in my FB days, nor on VK nor Quora, even though I’ve hinted it on numbers of occasions: Russian society is a whole lot more wholesome than anything Asia can offer. That is a fact.


  2. Full report to be released next month or in May I think……..but the UN judged Moscow to have the highest quality of life of any city or metropolis in the world. Imbecilic time for this retard to make such a comment.

    BTW , talking of retards, have you ever seen the video of Klitschko trying to say “digitilisation” on some panel discussion? He is famed for this type of speaking stupidity, but this one is particularly funny


  3. Last time I was in Moscow, and that was a long time ago, it was already a city I would not mind moving to.


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