US Diplomats Should be Wiser Before They Shitpost


These are the problems:

  1. Moscow was saved from Mongol destruction, unlike Kiev, because of those deep woods. Moscow became the preserve of Russian culture, while Kiev embarked on a long journey of estrangement from Rus’.
  2. All of the buildings shown are built in the style known as Ecclesiastical Baroque, they all come from the seventeenth and eighteenth century when Kiev was under Russian rule.
  3. It is a common trope of the Svidomites to point out the antiquity of Kiev over Moscow but the old Kiev has little in common with the modern Ukrainian state.

6 thoughts on “US Diplomats Should be Wiser Before They Shitpost

  1. Interesting, because I know many old Taiwanese also use the similar logic on PRC that these Svidomite Nazfag use on Russia. They say their version of Chinese culture and the understanding of Chinese history is the real one and not communized. My take on it is this; well, if they’re such an OG Chinese, why can’t any of them do anything effective about the young, angry pro-independence camp? Hey, OG Chinese is not that weak. Anyways, it’s just to show that if they wanna go against you, they’ll twist your very own history just to make a stupid, often invalid point.


    1. Note the similarities, Taiwan is an estranged province, their Chinese is trad (Ukrainian language contains old Russian forms that have since disappeared or are used rarely in modern Russian), the Ukrainians think of themselves as OG Russians but simultaneously reject their Russianness, and proclaim their independence. Taiwan, however, is a developed country unlike Ukraine.


      1. Except for a few, a lot of staunchly pro-US part of Far East are “developed”. Then again, they have that Hong Kong problem; I do remember that back in 2019, I’ve watched a video where a riot supporter cried on screen and talking about how “police are supposed to be the fighter for justice and protect the people” or some shits like that and “why they’re doing this to us?”. It takes some special lack of common sense for anyone to come up with such argument I must say. They have that blind faith in either authority figures (government) or trend setter (figures like Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow…etc). Not to mention if you really look into their societies, you’ll see how they’re pretty fucked up. Imaging a carnivorous rabbit who look cute af, but will bite your finger off if you get too close, and they act like your pet in public but will attack you savagely after dark, then play victim when you manage to halt their bullshit. That’s how they act like. This is why I still support Xi despite how much I loathe some of the policies; Xi is there to prevent us to become that fucked up. Without Xi, China may become something that resembles Cenobite’s dimension from Hellraiser, especially if you taken how ethnically diverse China is into account.


      2. On a second thought, look at it from another angle; would Taiwan be as developed, if China didn’t open up the economic to attract Taiwanese businessmen, or if Beijing decided to be a mega-Thad and tell Taiwan to eat its own shit? This is the problem with China; China is a master at pleasing unappreciative assholes while mistreating its own underlings. Not just government, you can see it in parenting too! Well, I guess we can safely say that such mentality had reduced the amounts of media attack aimed at China back in 90’s and 2000’s and simply prevented any potential military attack on China during this time frame – the Hainan incident was an isolated case, but the military built up in South China Sea wasn’t really there until Obama’s pivot to Asia policy became a thing. However, it comes at the cost of China’s dignity and it makes Chinese people an easy target for all sorts of crime whenever we go abroad. What China should’ve done, was to reduce the amounts of investment from Taiwan until they get their shit together. Meanwhile, go after their minds. Sometimes it’s useful to grasp the concept of mind over matters.


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