I was Asking a Legitimate Question but YouTube Would Rather Police my Speech

I understand that what I have written lacks decorum but it is a legitimate question to ask of many women, not just black…

I wanted to write “all that money”

The word jiggaboo is apparently very offensive, I have picked it up in rap songs and there it describes a melanin rich black female. Obviously, I use it because I want my messages to be brief.

Obviously, a highly attractive black man wants a young Halle Berry, who is sweet like strawberry 🍓

Girls that look like shit but would want themselves a baller deserve no mercy and deference. The society is just crawling with these entitled princesses, no matter what race they are. These women need to be told the truth for their own good.

Speaking of melanin rich females, I am not nasty to all of them. If they are very rich in melanin, they have this almost alien look…

Donald Trump Weighs in on Joe Rogan’s Plight

As somebody who has been ostracised from Facebook and Twitter for my political views, and free expression, I sympathise with Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan found himself a target of a concerted campaign by leftists, who hate the fact that he enjoys freedom of speech. Recently, I hear they made a video in which they feature Rogan saying the N-word on his show. Saying the N-word is a capital offence to the stinky leftists that are after Rogan. However, who has the time to find all the instances where Rogan uttered the N-word? I am personally part-time employed, and enjoy passive income, and I would dedicate my free time to much better pursuits than finding wherever somebody committed wrong-speech. This is a dedicated activist job, probably paid…

The Donald never apologizes…


Joe Rogan has been initially a target of the leftists over his Covid comments. I personally believe everyone is entitled to an opinion on Covid. My opinion is that it is not a big deal and we should get the society back to normal ASAP.

I Might Be Related to Heinrich Kramer the Author of Malleus Maleficarum

Dear readers, do you have famous relatives? I do, but of late, I have entertained the idea that I may be related to the infamous 15th century inquisitor and witch hunter, Heinrich Kramer, the author of the witch hunter manual, Malleus Maleficarum.

Heinrich Kramer

The evidence for any relation of mine to this 15th century cleric is flimsy at best. The best pieces of evidence is the similarity in name with one of my ancestors, Dominik Kramer, and the same region of origin of both my ancestor, and Heinrich Kramer. Heinrich Kramer is said to have come from a lowly background, my ancestors were manorial servants. Not exactly the highest social status but the children of a favourite servant of a good lord could have been set for a career in the Church, the military, in the manufactories, or development projects. I have read several stories of well situated commoners, and impoverished nobility making a mark on World this way.

The surname Kramer is a lowly occupational German name, and means “a petty shopkeeper.” Heinrich Kramer latinised his name to Henricus Insitor, which Google Translate renders as “the peddler” In colloquial Czech, the word “krám” means a shop of any kind. The plural “krámy” is often used to denote “woman’s period” or “junk”. The Czech equivalent of the name Kramer is Kramář.

There are quite a few Jews with that name because trade was their game mostly before the abolition of the guilds, and patents of religious tolerance. The Jewish people of that name would have acquired the name likely in the eighteenth century, or even later. The Nazi regime famously wanted to discredit the writer, Erich Maria Remarque by saying his name “Remark” is Kramer backwards. Remarque proved his name was of French origin. The ironic thing is, I know about my eighteenth century German ancestor because of Nazi racial laws.

I have also demonstrated aptitude in selling petty stuff. Old sneakers, old gadgets. I have also, like Heinrich Kramer, been a firebrand preacher. I work as a tour guide and feel within my element when I am the center of attention. One time in college, I have crashed a gender studies course. When the course devolved into you garden variety feminist indoctrination, I went into a red pill rage, and dropped a counterargument after counterargument. In the end, the lecturer was like: “I’m not gonna teach gender studies again.”

But I digress, another clue is Heinrich Kramer’s region of origin. Heinrich Kramer was born in Sélestat, Alsace, a town south of Strasbourg, on the left bank of the Rhein. My ancestors came from Konstanz, Baden. Southern Alsace was annexed by the Kingdom of France in 1648, so it is very possible my ancestors moved east.

Bishop’s residence in Kroměříž, where Heinrich Kramer died…

The rest of the evidence is just coincidental. Heinrich Kramer was appointed the chief inquisitor for the Austrian and Czech lands. He died in 1505, in Kroměříž, Eastern Moravia. My ancestor Dominik would emigrate to this exact region roughly 200 years later. Also, my ancestor is named after Santo Domingo, the founder of the Dominican Order, of which Heinrich Kramer was a high ranking member.

Facebook Wipeout

What were they thinking? Blocking OGs like me from using their website, and keeping all those boring NPC drones would somehow be profitable? From Bloomberg:

Meta Platforms Inc.’s one-day crash may rank as the worst in stock-market history.

The Facebook parent plunged 24 per cent in U.S. trading Thursday on the back of poor earnings results, putting it on track to erase more than US$200 billion. 

At current levels, that’s the biggest collapse in market value for any U.S. company. But there’s no certainty the losses will hold, especially given the recent volatility that’s whipped across technology shares. Markets have swung wildly in recent weeks, with buy-the-dip traders sometimes storming in during the final hours of the trading day. 

Still, analysts were bleak in their assessments, pointing out that Meta faces stiff competition from rivals like Tiktok and revenue was far lower than expected. Michael Nathanson, an analyst at brokerage Moffett Nathanson, titled his note “Facebook: The Beginning of the End?” 

Allow this blog back onto your platform, and watch your positive karma grow!

Pathetic Western Social Media Companies Censor This Blog

I am honoured, it has been reported to me that Facebook blocks the sharing of links to this blog. Facebook is the same company that gave me a 30 day Zucc for this:

Please, tell me again about the god awful censorship in China or Russia. My persona is literally blocked from using the largest communication platform in the country I reside in. I actually wonder what for? For being the son of a man of the same name? Literally get that linked article translated into a language you understand.

The old househead in Kathmandu…they literally picked one of the coolest photos of me. I bet, the author, Jan Cemper has a crush on me.

I am actually glad I was chased out of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (the only thing I had on the latter was a photo of an old Chinese vase). At least I am not a slave to these companies but the saddest part is all my homies are still there.

Meanwhile, women are getting gang raped in the Metaverse. I want a video of that! Proof or it didn’t happen.

Why Don’t “Unattractive” People Just Bloody Have Each Other?

Loneliness maybe a scarier epidemic than Covid..

The cruel statistic of 20% of guys being chased by 80% of women that I mentioned in my recent article maybe a little dated. My soldiers are reporting that 95% of the girls in the fields such as Toronto and New York City are chasing after the remaining 5% of men on apps like Tinder and Hinge. Shit is that bad!

Check out the case of West Elm Caleb, this dude was literally slaying half of NYC. He is 6 foot 4 (sorry I am a European I am not good with imperial measures), and has a job as a furniture designer. Being a 6 foot, and 6 figure likely (on contracts), makes you being chased by every average at best, and Caleb is slaying it. But don’t hate the player, hate the game. Does this mean that I, who am 5 foot 11 and tower over most women will get no ass on Tinder? One of the first reaction of my Chinese Taipei* ex was “You are tall, that’s good.” She was extremely petite, I had trouble penetrating her.

I am descended from hunters on my dad’s side, and gentry on my moms side. I am quarter Czech, German, Ukrainian, and Russian with a dash of Kalmyk, and probably Poles, Slovaks, Lithuanians and Varangians too. My relatives are trophy wives, hockey players, high class escorts for billionaire Russian beta males, actresses, and singers. You don’t get such genetic stock anywhere in my region, where everybody looks the same.

But enough about me!

Let’s talk about Megaloceros, an Ice Age species of deer. One theory has it that the females of that species were choosing only the males with the most developed antlers. The antlers of those males grew so large these poor fellas weren’t able to run from sabertooth tigers and cave lions.

Luckily, modern liberated women are not breeding because they would breed us out of existence. I personally dated a long legged Czech blond that passerby men envied, and she was taller than me, it is possible guys but I met her on the street, not on Tinder, and she was from a wealthier family than me, her parents were financiers. It was like… a true love.

I am being told that these highly sought after men in Western cities are forced to delete their social media, and lay low. I have already been booted off Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I have been put on shit lists of pro-Russian trolls by Ukrainian nazis, and Czech activists too. Guys like Caleb get their asses doxxed by the women they don’t commit to. Quite frankly, I do not want to be Caleb, I just want one young woman that will bear me an heir.

*I refer to Taiwan as Chinese Taipei on purpose. My ex introduced herself to me as Chinese. Her parents were descendants of Kuomintang immigrants from the mainland. Taiwan is China and should reunite with the motherland through one country two systems. Ukraine, Belarus, and the Russian Federation should also be one country.