Cyclist Cancelled Over Defense of Female Sports

Guys, this is serious, you can’t say you don’t want to compete against blokes that pretend they are women. Lest you be called a bigot and cancelled from polite society…

Inga Thompson

One day after Inga Thompson appeared on Fox News encouraging cyclists to take a knee in protest to the UCI’s transgender inclusion policy, the France-based American pro women’s cycling team Cynisca Cycling has confirmed that the ex-pro American cyclist is no longer on their board of directors.

“Ms. Thompson is entitled to her opinions and advocacy, but her methods and personal attacks are inconsistent with Cynisca’s mission to advance opportunities for women. Those methods, well-documented on Ms. Thompson’s social media presence, include dehumanization of transgender people, spreading misinformation, demagoguery, and personal attacks on anyone who opposes her views,” the team said.


Here you have it, this is dehumanizing to trans people. Get out you bigot!

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