Who Made All the Kids Trans?

Honestly, I remember myself at the age of 18 and I quite frankly knew nothing. I began feeling like an adult by the late thirties. We millennials mature late. And here we have zoomer teenagers that know they want to switch sex, which involves puberty blockers and hormones.


In other news:

4 thoughts on “Who Made All the Kids Trans?

  1. Dude, anybody who pays attention will know why. I mean there are more male transforming into female than vice versa. Today’s women are like this: they have been enjoying full body massage since they were baby girls. Nothing is ever their fault. Even as young as elementary schools, you can sense this type of nonsense. They can have borderline autistic social skill and still managed to find some simps who’re willing to bail them out of troubles with people, if they even get rolled on at all. And even if they have abusive parents, they can find some men to carry their soft, squishy asses away – how the dudes treats them afterward is another story, but at the end, even if they fuck up that bad, they have option of hopping on Tumblr, daydreaming like nonstop and whining about asshole males. Nobody makes fun of them. In another words, they have all male’s freedom but none of the responsibility that we were taught to bear since we were little boys. Now, combine that with genetic modified diets and rampant media brainwashing, men gonna end up becoming beta than a mother fucker, with some just simply cut their peckers off in hope for a better life. Not that I agree with it, but that’s how some choose to go about it.

    Speaking of which, even if all dudes end up having it good, I’d say I will still get into shit storm somehow. I remember there used to be a former coworker of mine asked me why there will always be blood, fire and chaos everywhere with everything I’ve touched. Then back in my Mbti days, I was told this on r/INTP, that I have a “I’m better than everyone” vibe every time I talk and how I tend to come across as angry, bitter, argumentative and a bit judgmental. I be like shit, I’ve seen folks who went way wilder than me and nothing happened to them. Actually, there are dumb hoes who fall for their gorilla asses all the time, yet I get to eat shit sandwich. This is fucking bullshit!

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    1. I find trans people to be silly and yet at the same time fascinating. And I have nothing against adult blokes pumping hormones and becoming whatever. The problem I see is adults teaching the kids this crap. I believe there is an agenda, and I heard it’s well financed by the pharmaceutical industry and related investment funds.

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      1. Well, I’ll say it like this: those freakish yet silly trans teachers did do quite a bit damage here. But I really don’t think it’s just about that.

        Even if we remove the trans teachers and have everything return to square one, this shit will happen again at some point if the fundamental issue hasn’t been resolved, that is the fact that females have it way easier than males in much of the “civilized world”; and the fact that there are some sick fucks among the elites who’s trying to control social consensus to make an effective rebellion almost impossible:

        On one hand, we have feminism and LGBTQ on an almost indoctrination level as well as things such as climate change, plant-based meat and the obsession with East Asia are the currently preferred options. Then on the other hand. there are the tradcons and controlled oppositions, who’re also very obsessed with East Asia and they claim to be against this bullshit, but they haven’t done a single effective move at combating it and they’re just as obsessed with East Asia as the other guys. The obsession of East Asia is a huge topic of its own; the way how East Asians, both pro-Beijing and anti-Beijing alike, deal with the whole deal, is not making anything simpler at all, and that’s all I gonna say here. And besides East Asia, the trads haven’t brought any change to the topic we’re talking about. At the end of the day, women still have it way more comfy compares to men. Women get to receive the princess treatment without even looking good or having any sort of attractive personalities, regardless if it’s the shitlibs/globohomo or the tradcons/populists running the show.

        In another word, as long as the living standard gap between females and males keep being the way how it is, and as long as the elites keep trying to modify not only our behaviors, but our thinking patterns; and not for the good of society, but to line up their own pockets and secure their power. As long as things remain this way, nothing is going to change. Men will keep trying to tun themselves into women as an attempt to get access to a more comfortable, less competitive life where they get less blames and get shitted on less.

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      2. Traditionalism and Feminism are the two sides of gynocentrism. The one promotes chivalry and deference to women, and the other the absolution of responsibility by women. The blue pill simp is nice to the ladies and ready to forgive them because he is so sex starved he is willing to do anything for the pussy. Many of these pussy driven losers are enablers of women’s bad behaviour. Guys that are successful with the ladies do not treat the bitches like that. They understand that women have to earn their compassion. Many don’t even give a damn. Women must have it hard to love a man.

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