The Safari

Things are going badly for Ukraine in the East. This can be seen by an increased activity of trolls here on this blog…

Ukraine is desperate for fresh troops to be sent to the meat grinder of Eastern Ukraine, and so the unfortunate working class of Ukraine is a target of unscrupulous recruiting campaign to defend Zelensky’s shitshow from the inevitable destruction.

In the city of Odessa, they are grabbing men off the street…

On Sunday, between 9 and 10 o’clock AM, near the shop “Ideal”, which is on Bugaevskaya street, unknown people in uniform, have taken hostage my son by force, without showing any documents authorizing such behaviour. This is against the law and is liable for prosecution. We have reported the kidnapping to the police. The man is still held on Zenkovetskaya street in former recruiting office. He is being held already a third day, he was kidnapped while he was out to shop for medicine as he was feeling sick. He is being held with an elevated temperature. He is being held by force and intimidated into signing a contract.

Isn’t this cute? Asking police for help in Ukraine…

You don’t want your boy to be taken from you. He has only seen a rifle in Counter Strike. Give donation to soldiers or to volunteers. Support their lifestyle so that they don’t take away your boy.


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