The Grift: Power Tripping

It is my contention that the upcoming 2000 years will be the Aeon of the wounded ego. But here I will not bore you with my astrological theories and I will address the symptom of this directly.

A friend sent me the above and one of the expressions of the wounded ego is this post-colonial grudge against a former suzerain. But furthermore, if you ban a significant part of the population from speaking a language they normally use, you are engaged in a power trip. And notice that this power trip is always justified by some greater good or historical grievance such as in the above case. Somehow the people are unable to say that a history of foreign rule does not justify tempering with the language people speak.

On a similar note, I had this video on my YouTube channel for a while. It features a Georgian guest of a Ukrainian TV channel being addressed in Ukrainian by the TV host. When the Georgian guy says he does not understand, the moderators tell him they cannot address him in Russian. Such is the law. Same story here, some people on a power trip decided to make a stink of people speaking Russian.

But why stop in Eastern Europe, recently we had Ngozi Fulani trying to power trip on an old lady in the Buckingham palace. Instead of answering the old lady’s question about her origins, that is Ngozi (which is not her real name) is of Caribbean descent, she tried to make a stink of the old lady asking her. Coincidentally, Ngozi studied in my alma mater SOAS, and I recently read that she complained the professors in that school, with few exceptions, are white.

Nothing really stops black people from becoming a professor as shown by the presence of black professors but they would have to contribute to academia. It seems that half-wits like Ngozi are unable to contribute anything beyond their power tripping discourse about racial inequality and historical racism. This is actually the marker of a grifter, where these people aren’t able to contribute anything but they can win points by power tripping over others.

Similarly, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and his trailer park, yacht slag wife decided to win sympathy points by complaining how oppressive, repressive, racist etc. the Royal family is. For fuck sakes, you are a multimillionaire and a duke, and can’t tell your wife to shut the fuck up? Nobody cares about your suffering, we are all born to a certain class and family and have obligations that don’t depend on us.

People seem to have unlearned humility. You have 50% of the population getting college degrees which degrades their value, and causes university to be attended by less intelligent individuals that have inflated egos and think the World owes them something. This overproduction of elites with useless qualifications will eventually result in a frustrated mass of burger flipping losers with entitlement. Naturally, the latter will be drawn to whatever repackaged communism they are served.

3 thoughts on “The Grift: Power Tripping

  1. This phenomenon of overproduction of elites is actually part of the consequences of the overproduction of middle-class. Then of course, there’s the opportunists who try to make a buck out of all of these; and there’s the elites, who want to eliminate middle-class through a series of dumbing down and blame-shifting onto the usual targets aka Russia, China and Iran, whenever the societal problems in the West becomes too unbearable.

    By now, I think we should all accept this cold, hard fact: middle-class parents can’t parent worth shit! Their problem is this: they don’t really have the vision nor the patience to allow their kids’ talent to grow to full potential, nor do they have enough connection to ensure their children’s success, nor do they even bother to figure out their kids’ personality, yet they like to learn it from the true upper-class to plan their kids’ future. This ended up in the form of massive sheltering, which is one of the trademark of the helicopter parenting. On the other hand, they also have the tendency to resort to that lower-class bullshit such as physical and emotional abuses disguised as “discipline” and “for the children’s own good”, except the true lower-class people don’t have that level of commitment and conviction, nor are they that creative about such matters. Middle-class actually have the free time to be that dedicated about that warped concept of “disciplinary”, that’s the thing.

    Middle-class as we know it, is the product of prosperous economic. The vast financial opportunity helps funding the middle-class lifestyle. It was always kinda there. I mean historically speaking, middle-class played a huge role in French Revolution. However, it was only until the beginning of Cold War, when US spam-advertised the concept of middle-class to all over the world, that was when middle-class became widespread. The boomer generation was the product of such geopolitical strategy. Without the massive financial opportunity, many boomers may still remain as lower-class. And as they deploy that warped concept of parenting onto their kids, they’ve managed to create a generation of useless manchildren who daydream way too fucking much for their own good, with a distinct self-righteousness and hypersensitivity as well as zero ability at seeing the world for what it truly is.

    Now, for colleges, this is one thing I’ve been telling other Chinese for a while now; stop thinking school system is there to educate. I mean look at how things work. The affirmative action; the double-faced concept of racial tolerance where they try to promote “Asian values” to Asians living in the West, then try to dump them through affirmative action; yet despise all the praises among the educators and some consumerism-based favoritism among many brands, Asians still be eating shit sandwich on a societal level in US, Canada and maybe UK and other parts of the West. Just connect the dots, then you’ll see how the whole education system is there to make money and the actual education is only the secondary objective. And guess what? It’s not just Asians. Honestly speaking, the true intellectuals have died since after those liberation movements back in the 60s. Today’s intellectualism is also a tool to make money and most of all, giving the second-generation middle-class a false sense of spiritual fulfillment. This is the true reason why colleges are attracting low-IQ bitches to study those useless degrees.

    And as for the elites. they’ve been trying to reduce middle-class ever since the end of Cold War. One thing in common between the elites, big corporations and the education industry, is that they’re really good at taking advantage of a phenomenon and make the most financial and/or political gain. Instead of resorting to brute force in order to eliminate or change a selective group of demographic, they just take advantage of what’s out there and manipulate things to their favor. As the elites seeing how Russia and China are coming up with their own brands of middle-class, and how the second-gen middle-class in their own terfs are bunch of useless, hyper-emotional, protesting little shits, they’ll just keep coming up with ways to distract them, to dumb them down, to eliminate whatever sense of morality and ethic there is among them.

    At the end of the day, the second-gen middle-class will become the pissed off burger flippers as you put it. This already renders them into lower-class in many sense. Due to their nature of living in their own inner-world and the level of self-righteousness they’ve demonstrated, many of them don’t even realize how much they got fucked over. Well, while we all have our wishes and hopes and honestly speaking, I really think the millennials deserve some reparation, especially those who experienced the worst forms of boomer parenting and those who’re social rejects – speaking of social rejects, they’re actually the newest tool for geopolitical expansion. I believe the ideology that can attracts and/or uplift the young former middle-class social rejects in an altruistic sense may become the worst enemy of “free world” and trust me, there are way more options than the way how the pseudo-communists and alt-rights are going about the whole deal. Then again, I’m not completely indulged in such visions and I’m still pretty in touch with my surrounding physical realities. Looking at this through the lenses of pragmatism, this will keep getting worse before it gets better and we may have to wait till we’re almost at the retiring age, if we even get to see it alive. The only thing we can do as of now, is to try our best to prevent ourselves from getting sucked in and rendered to a complete lower-class lifestyle. Once we’re actually in a safe position, we can try to come up with something that can save the situation for everyone.

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    1. Funny shit is, I have a low paying job in tourism and culture and I am content because I was never able to imagine for myself a different path. This job makes me move, it is intellectually stimulating for the most part, and I don’t think I would like to work elsewhere. I think that the people today lack humility, and are not prepared for the economic downturn that awaits us. They can’t enjoy the decline like us, who have the decency to understand their limits.

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      1. Intellectual stimulating…I believe is the key. At least that’s how it is for me. I get to deal with interesting people and I may even be able to learn a thing or two. Instead of working in restaurants alongside illegals, ex-cons and them hoe ass bitches who’re stuck in perpetual teenage and that lowlife worshipping mentality that most teenage girls are obsessed with, I say I’d be more than happy to do your job. It’ll definitely be a plus if I also get to say what I want to say, do what I want to do and be who I want to be. None of that “you must be nice to women (or insert whatever demographics…gays, blacks…etc), or else!”. It’s fucking bullshit! On top of the tricky dick greasy mother fuckers who play greasy and frame others for shit they never did then claim you’re “being stupid for being too trusting”, it’s just unbearable! For me, I just play along with that type of social rules, with my tolerance stretched further than a human pussy in the face of a donkey dick. Respect needs to be earned.

        However, for the young, entitled crowds out there, I think it’s really due to how they
        a. expect too much from life

        b. lack the pragmatism nor patience and discipline to learn things that can get them paid, but also lack of he true open-mindedness to embrace the thing you talked about. Open-minded is a mentality, not some kind of orientation. Being liberal doesn’t mean being open-minded.

        c. got no social skills nor any sort of confrontation skills. Exposure to boomer parenting can eliminate whatever confrontation skill one may have, as boomers like to use pain and discipline to get their points across yet shelter them at the same time as I’ve indicated.

        d. tend to get into troubles with bosses or the ex-con – illegal immigrant axis because…well, they got no social skill nor confrontation skills.

        The corporal, financial and political elites are trying to replace them with either folks from Asia or those migrants from third world, and completely dismiss the struggles that the people from those regions have to go through, on top of encouraging the Western middle class offsprings to act stupid. This way, they get to maximize their profits, take care of such socioeconomic and demographic problems and most of all, eliminate Western middle class completely. Actually, what you said may have given me some new insights: the solution lies within a more realistic yet more laid back approach to life and stop caring so much about things such as monetary and career gain and that godforsaken personal ego. However, not everyone can do that. I mean for those of us who chose to fight our boomer parents, we need incomes to pay bills as well as a social safety net. Now, instead of socialism, which won’t eliminate the source of problems as parents can always find their ways around, I say how about coming up with something that can help these poor souls to break free easier and in a more problem-free way? That, is something worth to look into. When folks can have a sense of socioeconomic security and dignity, knowing they can actually be that chill, that’s when everyone can truly begin to stop being such a pain in the ass careerist. This is basically what many of my political and sociology related talking points are pointing to. Coming up with an adequate environment so folks get to a. able to live up to their true potential b. do things they’re happy to instead of being obsessed with schools and that bullshit social trends c. just have a blast overall.

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