The Grift: Power Tripping

It is my contention that the upcoming 2000 years will be the Aeon of the wounded ego. But here I will not bore you with my astrological theories and I will address the symptom of this directly.

A friend sent me the above and one of the expressions of the wounded ego is this post-colonial grudge against a former suzerain. But furthermore, if you ban a significant part of the population from speaking a language they normally use, you are engaged in a power trip. And notice that this power trip is always justified by some greater good or historical grievance such as in the above case. Somehow the people are unable to say that a history of foreign rule does not justify tempering with the language people speak.

On a similar note, I had this video on my YouTube channel for a while. It features a Georgian guest of a Ukrainian TV channel being addressed in Ukrainian by the TV host. When the Georgian guy says he does not understand, the moderators tell him they cannot address him in Russian. Such is the law. Same story here, some people on a power trip decided to make a stink of people speaking Russian.

But why stop in Eastern Europe, recently we had Ngozi Fulani trying to power trip on an old lady in the Buckingham palace. Instead of answering the old lady’s question about her origins, that is Ngozi (which is not her real name) is of Caribbean descent, she tried to make a stink of the old lady asking her. Coincidentally, Ngozi studied in my alma mater SOAS, and I recently read that she complained the professors in that school, with few exceptions, are white.

Nothing really stops black people from becoming a professor as shown by the presence of black professors but they would have to contribute to academia. It seems that half-wits like Ngozi are unable to contribute anything beyond their power tripping discourse about racial inequality and historical racism. This is actually the marker of a grifter, where these people aren’t able to contribute anything but they can win points by power tripping over others.

Similarly, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and his trailer park, yacht slag wife decided to win sympathy points by complaining how oppressive, repressive, racist etc. the Royal family is. For fuck sakes, you are a multimillionaire and a duke, and can’t tell your wife to shut the fuck up? Nobody cares about your suffering, we are all born to a certain class and family and have obligations that don’t depend on us.

People seem to have unlearned humility. You have 50% of the population getting college degrees which degrades their value, and causes university to be attended by less intelligent individuals that have inflated egos and think the World owes them something. This overproduction of elites with useless qualifications will eventually result in a frustrated mass of burger flipping losers with entitlement. Naturally, the latter will be drawn to whatever repackaged communism they are served.