Rumours of Maidan in Kazakhstan

Protests in Kazakhstan over the increase in the cost of natural gas have spilled into a widespread anti-government protest. The government has resigned. Is it a Maidan? I don’t know that much about Kazakhstan but I know one thing, Kazakhstan is a country where Western funded NGOs are not so hindered in their work. Every Eastern country with Soros and USAid funded outfits is bound to be ass raped by Maidans, and Svidomism.

These protesters are tough, they burn everything.

Authoritarian Kazakhstan has good relations with Russia, and consequently an economy better than Ukraine. What do you think awaits a country that suffers from Maidan and ethnic strife? Will it have a cheaper gas?

By the way, Kazakhstan was created out of a Russian territory by the Bolsheviks, and if Kazakhstan loses its head, Russia will need to correct this Bolshevik decision. The territorial integrity of these formerly Russian lands is based on Moscow’s good will.

This riot is rich in imagery, they toppled a statue of Nazarbayev.

The West Will Make Ukraine Better Than Russia…

And then Putler will shoot himself in the head, and Russia will be free…

There is a country called Abkhazia, it is a largely unrecognised state that split from Georgia. The country has a beautiful coastline, the entire area of the ancient kingdom of Colchis is a great place, the neighbouring Svaneti region of Georgia is beautiful as Arcadia. But Abkhazia does not have a developed tourism, and the Soviet and Tsarist hotels of Sukhumi, the capital lie in ruins. Is it because the state is unrecognised? It is recognised by Russia, it could be the next North Cyprus, and a destination worthy of visit. So why doesn’t Russia help Abkhazia become that? Russian investors tried…

I fear Western investors in Ukraine will have a similar experience. From RFE/RL:

A Canadian company has dismantled one of its multimillion-dollar solar investments in Ukraine following a dispute with a powerful tycoon believed to be close to the presidential administration in a case that has underscored the former Soviet state’s troubled investment climate.

TIU Canada completed the removal of its 10.5 megawatt power plant in Nikopol, a city about 500 kilometers southeast of the capital, Kyiv, in mid-November after failing to be reconnected to the electricity grid, company spokesman Brian Mefford told RFE/RL on December 28. The plant contained more than 32,000 solar panels

TIU Canada commissioned the $12 million plant on the territory of the Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant in January 2018 amid much fanfare, with representatives from the local government, foreign embassies, and business community in attendance.

TIU’s solar plant symbolized foreign investors’ interest in the country’s burgeoning alternative-energy industry. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy even highlighted TIU’s investment in a pitch to Canadian investors during a visit to Toronto in July 2019.

However, on March 1, 2020, the Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant disconnected TIU Canada from the electricity grid on the pretext of needing to make repairs to the power substation on its territory, the solar company said.

Almost two years later, the solar power plant remained idle, costing TIU Canada millions of dollars in lost revenue.

The decision to dismantle the plant follows an unsuccessful, two-year legal, media, and lobbying campaign against Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant and its main owner, Ihor Kolomoyskiy.

TIU hired Washington-based Blue Star Strategies late last year to lobby on its behalf before the U.S. government on “sustainable energy investments in Ukraine.”

TIU has accused Kolomoyskiy of cutting the company off from the grid in an attempt to purchase it at a knockdown price. Such ruthless business practices were common in the 1990s and early 2000s in many former Soviet states but have since subsided.

Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant, meanwhile, accused TIU Canada of blackmail and preventing it from carrying out urgent repairs.

However, Yurkovich told Voice of America he didn’t see anyone doing repairs. Instead, Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant had sent offers to buy the solar power plant at rock-bottom prices, he said.

Ukrainian business ombudsman Marchin Svenchintskiy told Voice of America that even if Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant had to urgently carry out repairs, the work “couldn’t last that long.”

Ukrainian law requires power stations to give their permission to be disconnected, making Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant’s actions illegal, TIU has argued.

However, the company has failed to win over a court system that is widely considered highly corrupt and its Nikopol project has become the latest poster child for the dangers of doing business in Ukraine.

Two court cases have failed to deliver any results for TIU. Several judges recused themselves from hearing the case, something that Yurkovich has attributed to their fear of crossing Kolomoyskiy.

“There are not many judges willing to take on the oligarchs, particularly Kolomoyskiy, and adhere to the rule of law,” Mefford said.

CEO Yurkovich “saw no solution to that situation” and decided to dismantle the project, Mefford said. TIU is storing the recoverable assets — at least temporarily — in Ukraine, he said.

TIU Canada has two other solar plants in Ukraine. Mefford declined to comment on the company’s future plans.

Ukraine has struggled to attract significant foreign investment since achieving independence from the Soviet Union 30 years ago due to its weak rule of law.

You see for every success story about a Western association leading to development, for every Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, there is Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine. East European countries suffer from a corruption of local robber barons and need strong leadership to be successful. Zelensky promised deoligarchisation but so far he only goes after his political opponents and competitors of Kolomoysky. Thus, Zelensky first went after Medvedchuk, and more recently after Poroshenko. There were some vibes about a conflict with Akhmetov and Avakov, but I think that show has been postponed.

The Americans have supported Zelensky sanctions against Medvedchuk but I don’t hear them criticise Zelensky for pursuing Poroshenko. The Americans have been largely impotent against Kolomoysky. They made him a persona non grata but failed to enact any financial sanctions. I guess the persona non grata measure was done to placate the investors that are getting ass raped by Kolomoysky but I doubt Kolomoysky regrets he cannot travel to US. Zelensky is Kolomoysky’s puppet, and of course he didn’t do anything to protect the Canadian investors. It is less difficult to make prosperous the industrious and law abiding Germans, Koreans, and Japanese than the lawless and corrupt Ukrainians.

There will not be any peremoha.

The Biden Administration Banded Imports of Russian Ammunition and Hurt American Consumers

From NRA:

Ammunition exports to the United States are only a small percentage of the GDP of the Russian Federation, but Russian origin ammo makes up a large part of the American ammunition supply. American gun owners were already suffering from a market where demand was exceeding available supply. This new move by the Biden Administration will severely worsen the present supply problems.

I guess the Biden administration killed two birds with one stone here, they hurt Russian exporters, and American gun owners, two groups the Democrats hate. Let’s go Brandon!

Santa was Green, Like Russia

Red coated Santa was apparently used first in marketing in America. Before that, Santa wore all types of coats, green for instance:

While the Russian Empire was marked in red in some maps from the Romanov times, the Green Color was considered the one in which the Empire ought to be marked in.

Marking Russia in red is inspired by the Soviet flag. Make Russia Green Again. Also build a Pleistocene habitat in Siberia with woolly mammoth. Make Mammoths Shit in Siberia Again.

Putin Voices a Claim I was Promoting for Last Decade Through my Blogging

In his recent press conference, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin repeated a central thesis of my old blog Austere Insomniac, and that is Ukraine was created by the Bolsheviks. He said that Ukraine was territorially created out of Russian lands by comrade Lenin. Svidomites in Ukraine went into hysteria, and have displayed their historical illiteracy, and inability to listen. I get it, the modern age is too fast and neurotic. Some, like Sternenko, of Right Sector fame, said Kievan Rus existed before Moscow was even founded. That is true, but first of all, it was Rus, and also St. Vladimir came to Kiev from Novgorod, now in the Russian Federation. Rus Began around Lake Ladoga, also in the Russian Federation. Moscow was founded by the Kievan Prince Yuri Dolgoruki. If anything, Kievan Rus only reinforces Putin’s arguments.

A more smarter answer came from Mikhalchishyn, of VO Svoboda and Azov battalion fame, he said that the founders of Ukraine were Hrushevsky, Vynichenko, Petlyura and Mikhnovsky. Very different personages to be honest, however. Let’s analyze the names. Mikhailo Hrushevsky was the president of UNR (Ukrainian People’s Republic). It should be noted here that Putin did not speak about UNR, UNR was a state in Central and Western Ukraine. Petlyura’s Directoria was also active only in Central Ukraine. The Bolsheviks in Moscow territorially formed Ukraine independent of UNR, or whatever other abortive attempts at Ukrainian statehood.

The Bolsheviks added the Black Sea Coast, Crimea, Donbas, and Halychyna, Transcarpathia, and Volhynia in the West. So it is no understatement that the Bolsheviks created Ukraine territorially. Also, the Ukrainian identity was created through the policy of Korenizatsiya. It was a nation building policy imposed by Stalin on a population that didn’t really need it in my opinion. In Austrian Halychyna, during WWI, people defining as Russians were put in concentration in camps in Thalerhof and Theresin in Bohemia and Austria. Ukraine was created through a lot of suffering and unfreedom for people that do not subscribe to the Ukrainian script. I should add that the aforementioned Hrushevsky first served the Austrian government in implementing a state policy of conversion of West Russians to Ukrainians, and the latter moved back to Ukraine, and later served Stalin. Ukraine was created through the state policy of the Bolsheviks and the Habsburgs, and in both cases this was a crime against the Russian people.

Unless Ukrainians acknowledge their own origins, they will suffer neurosis indefinitely, and will be forever trolled by the Russians. It will be an endless show of Ukrainians trying to trip over themselves in an attempt to explain their existence. This khokhlosrach will never end! Although if Ukraines was ever to calm down, the Russians are perfectly willing to accept their Ukrainian identity because at the end of the day, it is of no consequence.

Update: I should add Stalin made Ukraine a founding member of the UN, this is how much the Bolsheviks created and legitimized Ukraine. How much has any other regime done for Ukraine in comparison?

Serbia’s Vuchich Blames the EU for Energy Crisis

Remember my dear readers, Russophobia is very expensive. Mittleuropa will see only poverty and war…

Reports have it, the President of Serbia, Aleksandr Vuchich said the current quagmire with energy prices in the EU are the result of irresponsible policy of the European elites, and that Serbia is saved because it gets gas through the Turk Stream Balkan extension under a long term contract with Gazprom.

The EU policy is motivated by two factors, Russophobia and the worship of Greta Thunberg. Absolute madness on the par with Ukrainian Svidomism. The EU gave us the Third Energy Packet, to phase Gazprom out of the EU market. The Europeans rejected long term contracts with fixed prices in favour of market pricing. This I recall was also an initiative that came from Brussels. Also, there is the fossil fuel tax, which is traded in a form of allowances, or rather indulgences, another wonderful EU initiative. All this was done to stick it to Putler, and placate Greta’s neurosis.

German economy minister

We have a new progressive government in the Czech Republic, the parliament is just crawling with wannabe bear hunters, and this could not have happened to better people. The new German economy minister said that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was a geopolitical mistake and should not be launched until spring. They think they are sticking it to Putler like this but Gazprom is making a killing. This crisis shows the bankruptcy of Russophobia…

Stay warm, burn wood…
I live surrounded by woods

Can Astrology Predict Future?

I do not have a good answer to this? But I believe that it can. Let’s see how a couple of predictions I made in 2019 stack up today. Back then I have systematised the setup according to which consists of:

  1. Sidereal Zodiac – I have been researching the Astrological Great Ages which are based up the Precession of the Equinoxes, and I cannot reconcile this doctrine with the continued use of the Tropical Zodiac. It was Cyril Fagan’s writings that made me aware of this discrepancy and I am employing the Fagan and Bradley Zodiac for all the charts that I cast.
  2. The Whole Sign house system. It makes things a bit easier than the other systems, and I haven’t been convinced that the other systems make analysis better.

At the moment I mostly study the transits of slow planets, and their aspects. Transits include aspects to planets in the natal chart, which I believe are times of crucial events at which pivotal events happen. In the case of the Russian Federation, a modern state, I have a good knowledge of the exact times, which I have gleaned from reading related astrological articles in Russian, and that means I am confident with the houses. I therefore look for aspects occurring in houses and I try to glean future events.

Natal Chart of the Russian Federation

I must admit that I have never done this exercise to the fullest and always explored just one or two phenomena. I still need to work out the pipeline of interpretation. But nevertheless, let us see what I produced in December 2019:

Based on this chart, I see two major events, I see first of all a Saturn return in the Fourth House. And I see the slow transit of Pluto across the Fourth House. This combo should have a transformative effect on the opposition in Russia. It remains to be seen how it will play out. There is also Jupiter passing through the Fourth House.

Saturn is a harsh teacher, and the Russian opposition will likely suffer a harsh lesson. Nevertheless, Pluto will likely cleanse the opposition of unneeded elements. Pluto and Saturn together always signify a reaction. Whether that means a reaction of the Russian public to the powers that be, or the reaction of the powers that be to the people demanding reform, remains to be seen.

Pluto is on the cusp of Capricorn, and about to ingress into the Fifth House, where it shall remain for over a decade. The Fifth House governs entertainment, it is where Russia’s Luna is. Likely, Russia’s infotainment is up for a slow burning transformation. There may even be a bit of a crisis at first, in the coming year as Saturn makes way into Capricorn. The ruler of the Fifth House here is Saturn, hence the planet will feel at home. The ingress of Jupiter should however kickstart the transition in the fullest within few months.

The Fifth House also governs children, hence natality could transform, with the help of the state perhaps. Taxes may increase, or suffer restructuring. The Fifth House also governs general wellbeing, the transit of mostly Malefic planets warns that the next few years, public’s discontent may be an issue.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle has long played a major role in Russian and Soviet History. The Soviet Union has the Hammer and Sickle as its symbol. Its esoteric meaning is the hammer of Thor, who was associated with Jupiter by the Romans, and the sickle of Saturn. It was coincidentally crafted during the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which marked the assumption of power by the Soviets.

In December 2019, I was not aware of the decision of Putin to replace Dmitry Medvedev with Mikhail Mishustin. That happened literally a month after my analysis. And what was the main thing Mishustin did in office? He reformed the taxes. So the ingress of Saturn and Pluto into Capricorn that represents the 5th House was so far about the taxes.

In personal astrology, the Saturn return is when transiting Saturn returns to the same position it was at birth. The period around the age of 30 is when your life choices are evaluated. Your education and experience either pay off or they lead to a midlife crisis, and you are forced to reevaluate your life. I thought that organisations, and regimes will have the same karmic process going on for themselves.

We have had seen such a reevaluation of interests in the Constitution Referendum. Russia was living with a naive constitution since the 1993, some say dictated to the Russians by the Westerners, and it came time to update it to contemporary challenges. In his recent post, one of the last on his UNZ review blog, Anatoly Karlin described the spiritual maturation of the Russian Federation as follows.

So broad and all-encompassing is the shift that, just as academics came to classify what happened between Putin’s rejection of Western moral supremacism in the Munich speech of 2007 to the gay propaganda law in 2013 as a “Conservative Turn” (Nicolai Petro), so I believe future historians will classify the 2018-21 period as a “Nationalist Turn.”

Since the planet Saturn is in the 4th house, that means the house of opposition parties, Russia has a serious issue with opposition, the opposition is there and yet they are either soviet, imperial nostalgists, or Western funded occidental supremacists. The politics of Russia are torn between roughly patriots and westernisers, and it may have something to do with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune being all located in Sagittarius, a sign of the universal and home of the galactic centre. Jupiter in the tenth house of ruling elite is in opposition to this triple conjunction. The karmic lesson for Russia in the next Saturn cycle is to build a political culture within the Russian context.

The years 2007 and 2013 do not relate to the Saturn transit cycle but between those years was 2011, when the transiting Saturn came to waning square to the natal Saturn in the chart of Russian Federation. This has seen Russia erupt in large protests, the largest the pro-Western crowd ever staged. Ever since, Russia restricted the financing coming from the West for these groups, and the NED inspired protest dissipated. At the time of the return, the Navalny outfit was completely destroyed by authorities.

The transit of Pluto through the 5th house in Capricorn will have a bearing on Russia’s overall wellbeing in the next 10 years, it will be painstakingly transformed. I still cannot say if for the better, probably not.

My Brother’s Genetix

I assume my test would come out similar, so I haven’t got a reason to make my own. I am poor, I need money for books to read for my own literary project. So here it is, and it conforms family history.

Mittleuropa, Greater Russia and literally everything in between. Slovaks, Poles, and Ukrainians…

My ancestor, Dominik Kramer, a carpenter, came to Liptál, or Lipthal, also Liebenthal, Moravia sometime in 1790s, or the early nineteenth century, with his noble from South Western Germany, probably fleeing revolutionary France. His son Anton married Mariana Himmer, a daughter of a ranger. Onwards, these German immigrants married only local Czechs, and Slovaks, because I do not see any German surnames in that line. They Teutonicised these Slavs, and my grandmother was a German speaker.

So I guess that explains the Germanic 5% influence.

The German Defense Minister Wants to Bar Russian Generals from Shopping at Champs Elysees


From here:

“We have to use the entire set of instruments that we have. Right now we have to target Putin and those around him. Those responsible for the aggression must feel the personal consequences, for example that they can no longer travel to the Paris Champs Élysées to shop. “

We can add the Disneyland, these goons will not see Disneyland.

Germans made this their defense minister. Fair enough, inclusive.

Gott, hilf uns!