Ukrainian Fans of the SS Totenkopf Defend Their Honour

A Facebook page called “Ukrainian Military Honor” published her own analysis of the apology delivered by Ukrainian paratroopers, who were caught flashing patches featuring the emblem of SS division Totenkopf, see my post here…

Here come the screenshots:

Screenshot 2018-12-15 at 16.30.42.pngScreenshot 2018-12-15 at 16.31.03.pngAnd here comes my translation of the above:

Fighter of the Ukrainian Military was forced to humiliate himself for his patch

The other day, there appeared on the internet a photo of a soldier with a patch similar to the symbol of the 3rd tank division of the SS “the Death’s Head.” The scandal originated because the president was present at this photo session.

The first reaction of the Ukrainian Army command was adequate; they have called for the military personnel to be more to be more responsible with their appearance, in order not to give enemy propaganda a chance to create new myths.

However, a week has passed and there appeared a humiliating video on the social network. (I have re-uploaded part of the video to my Youtube channel and have given it subtitles, see below) The soldier apologises before his brothers in arms and [fellow] citizens for giving ammunition to enemy propaganda.

Here the command has clearly overdone it.

Wanting to please the liberal loudmouths, they have forced their own soldier to apologise. A fighter, who according to their own words, has defended Ukraine for three years in the hottest spots on the frontline.

We think this was a grave mistake because:

  1. Orientation towards enemy propaganda is a bad strategy. And to sacrifice your own fighters to her is a crime.
  2. The soldiers is not guilty of attending the photo session. If somebody needs to be punished, it is president’s press service, which has openly overlooked this. It is them, who should “not give ammunition to enemy propaganda.” The role of a soldier is to obey commands, and not to show off in front of cameras.
  3. The majority of fighters in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (earlier this year renamed to Operation of United Forces) have similar patches and have positive feelings about them, even though some may not like it. Of course, this is a mischief but they are warming soldiers’ souls. And before you are going to ban them, ban Sovok (Soviet legacy) in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which crawls out of all the holes.
  4. Skull and bones, “Adam’s skull”, or “Death’s head” have been the symbol of all assault units since the old days. So its use among the paratrooper-assault troops is logical.

We hope that such a mockery will not become a norm.


The EU Shall Help Eastern Ukraine

The Associated Press reports…

The European Union is studying ways to help bolster the economy in strife-torn eastern Ukraine, the EU’s top diplomat said Monday, amid tensions with Russia over a naval confrontation in the Black Sea last month.

Ukraine has been seeking help from its international partners at the EU and NATO since Russian border guards fired on three Ukrainian navy vessels in the Black Sea on Nov. 25. The crews were captured and the ships seized.

But the 28-nation bloc is unlikely to impose any fresh sanctions on Russia over its actions in the annexed Crimea region and the Sea of Azov, which is an important part of Ukraine’s economy.

The European Union is likely not in shape to further shoot itself by imposing further sanctions upon Russia. As much as sanctions go, to Russia this will be a temporary nuisance that will be alleviated in short to medium term, depending on how well the Russian state reacts to circumstances. I would say medium term because I have no confidence in the Russian leadership. Removing standing sanctions would mean an admission of failure by Brussels but sanctions so far have not done much to return lost territories back to Ukraine, so they are objectively a failure without the EU admitting to it.

Another failure that reflects badly upon the EU is Ukraine herself. Ukraine’s economic failure is something the EU must deal with, or it will be a constant source of ridicule from opponents and adversaries. Can the EU come up with a plan for Eastern Ukraine?

Filaret Awards a CIA Veteran

I have not touched the religious topic on this blog yet. I was waiting for some interesting news, and this perhaps is it. reports…

Patriarch Filaret awarded an order to the former deputy director of CIA Devine for [his] support for Ukrainian independence and the formation of the Local Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

His Holiness Patriarch of Kiev and All Rus-Ukraine, Filaret has met with the former deputy director of the CIA Jack Devine.

During their meeting, Jack Devine expressed his sincere delight at the level of support for the idea of Ukraine receiving a Tomos of Autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

He also remarked on the exceptional role of the Kievan Patriarch Filaret in his almost 30 years struggle for the formation of a Local Ukrainian Orthodox Church that is independent from Russia, and commended Filaret for defending the rights of Christians in front of the atheistic Soviet government.

Patriarch Filaret thanked Jack Devine for the help United States provides to Ukraine regarding the matters of Ukrainian independence and the formation of a Local Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Following the presentation of the President of the Council of the “Ukraine the 21st Century” Fund, Bohdan Hubsky and a member of the Council of the Fund, Pavlo Yaroshenko, the Head of the Kiev Patriarchate awarded Jack Devine with the order of St. Andrew the First Called.



Ukrainian Poverty is not Just a Matter of GDP

This one comes from Deutsche Welle, a propaganda arm of the Federative Republic of Germany, specifically its Ukrainian language office…

Screenshot 2018-12-07 at 13.41.17.png
The price of electricity for Ukrainians has risen by 300% in recent years (!). This way, Ukrainian “heat” is truly the most expensive in the world.

Basically, ordinary Ukrainians, whose salaries and pensions are already meagre, are forced to spend enormous sums from these minuscule gains of theirs on necessities that in Ukraine aren’t exactly cheap.

Summing Up The Achievements of the Maidan

The result of the so called “Revolution of Dignity” has been poverty and war…

Five years have passed since protests gripped Ukraine, which led to the fall of the Yanukovych government and Ukraine’s firm orientation towards the West. I think that half a decade allows us to speak of a complete failure of the ideals of the Euromaidan, also called “Revolution of Dignity.” The revolution did not achieve dignity for the Ukrainian people, and arguably Ukraine at present is further from Europe than it has been when Yanukovych rejected the Association Agreement with the EU.

Ukrainians are one most miserable on the European continent, Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe. And as of today, almost 5 years into the Association Agreement, Ukraine is still not a candidate for membership in the EU, and it is highly unlikely Ukraine will become one within the next decade. The destiny of Ukraine is to be a grey zone between the EU and Russia. At loggerheads with the latter, and in an unequal relationship with the former.

Ukraine will continue to export goods with low added value, and resources such as grain, and timber. Such a country will not need the current level of population. No, Ukrainians will not die out but the question remains how many planters of buckwheat does the country need? And this situation shall continue until a political force in Ukraine emerges which returns back to a sensible policy towards Russia.