A Curious Identity Shift Among “Little Russian” US Emigrants in Autumn 1914

Similar shift happened in Austrian Halychyna shortly before WWI and most definitely during the Great War…

Note that the Austrians were rather successful in their support for Ukrainian nationalism, and the USA were neutral in 1914. Ruthenian and Little Russian is used interchangeably here. Although Little Russia was the area around the Dnieper River, Ruthenia is a Latin corruption of Rus.


British Pop-History Book About Vikings Banned in Ukraine

The authorities in Ukraine have banned the above book because apparently it refers to Rus princes as Russian. Isn’t Russian the correct adjective from Rus? Rus is actually used as an adjective by contemporary historians in the West to differentiate it from the Muscovite Russia few centuries later. But in reality, Rus and Russia mean the same thing. The issue the Ukrainian censors have is that they are trying to promote Ukrainian history, a fraudulent framework, where there isn’t any place for Russia. Somehow it does not strike them that their ancestors thought themselves part of one Russian whole. That history is now forbidden in the country.

John Haywood is a British historian, who specializes in the history of early Europe and is an author of a number of publications that I like to call pop-history. It is the kind of stuff you find in a general bookstore in the UK.

But the more interesting is a look at the profiles of people that banned the publication in Ukraine. Ukrainian vloger Olesya Medvedeva has details.

In 2017, the Government Committee for Television and Radio Broadcast acquired the right to review the publishing industry. The people from the committee now had the right to monitor language norms and the fulfillment of quota on Ukrainian language. The committee also monitored imported literature, and would dole out fines to businesses that sold banned production, and the list of banned books and films from Russia is truly extensive, literally hundreds of titles. The committee has a special council for the analysis of published works. So who is on the council?

  1. Serhiy Oleynik – a veteran of Ukraine’s war against Eastern Separatists. He is member of OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists). He also wrote a column for the Censor.net.
  2. Bohdan Chervak – the head of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists.
  3. Valery Gostinshchikov – writer, an author of the book Encyclopedia of Secret Societies that according to Jewish organizations talks about a World Zionist Conspiracy.
  4. Taras Zdorovylo – journalist of the Ukrayina Moloda, in his articles he praises Andriy Melnyk, Nazi and Anti-Semitic inspirer of pogroms in Western Ukraine. Taras Zdorovylo also writes propagandistic articles against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in communion with the Moscow Patriarchate.
  5. Oleg Matvienko – From the organization Civic Resistance (these organizations have names like illegal Neonazi groups here in Central Europe). He is famous for bringing the secret service to trial for inaction on countering toxic literature from Russia.

There are five more people on the council but I chose to speak about these to illustrate that the ideological control over published works in Ukraine is being maintained by radical nationalists and related quacks. The entire cultural and social sphere in Ukraine has been outsourced to radical nationalists.

There Aren’t any Pro-Russian Parties in Ukraine

Commenting on the supportive message of the American embassy in Kiev to the initiative to close allegedly pro-Russian TV stations, the RT journalist Brian MacDonald seems to have bought into the narrative that there are pro-Russian forces in Ukraine…

The banned TV channels were linked to Taras Kozak, who is said to be connected with the Opposition Platform for Life, the largest opposition group that has been accused of holding a pro-Russian position. It is a group formed of the former Party of Regions elements that were left orphaned after the Maidan. They formed the parliamentary opposition to the triumphant forces of the Maidan that took over in 2014. Today they have a sizeable support in the East because Zelensky sucks, the economy sucks, everything sucks…

In times like these people run to whoever talks sweet. But the question is, are the post-Reginnaires pro-Russian? Well, I have a test of pro-Russianness, “do you support joining the Eurasian Union and the CSTO?” Unless those are your aims, you are not pro-Russian. The difference in Ukraine on the Russian question is between, do you want Ukrainisation now and Bandera now, or do you wanna wait until tomorrow? And the so called “pro-Russian parties” in question would like to wait until tomorrow…

One of the channels banned is ZIK, which in 2014-2016 was known to me as a place where the Ukrainian secret service would plant information. The other channels I know were at least providing a forum for debate between forces critical of the government and its supporters. I do not view opposition to forcible Ukrainisation, support for the Russian language that is actually more native to Ukraine than English to Ireland, and opposition to the glorification of Nazi collaborators as a particularly pro-Russian position.

And the time of the Regionnaires rule in Ukraine, from the late 2000s to 2014 was quite bad for pro-Russian activism. Declaring a pro-Russian position even then meant drawing the attention of the secret service, many of the organizations were driven underground, activists harassed. The pro-Russian activism was supported by the Party of Regions during the Yushchenko years but then after the Regionnaires seized power, the various pro-Russian and left wing groups that helped them rise were promptly discarded and abandoned. This actually led to a number o the previously pro-Russian individuals to switch gears completely and become Ukrainian nationalists.

The ideologically firm pro-Russians that I knew 10 years ago are all in exile in RF, in LDNR or dead. Onufrienko, Chalenko, Tsarev, Markov are in RF, and Buzyna is dead. Do I have to mention that the Oppostion Platform for Life includes people that were involved in the Maidan and supression of pro-Russian forces in the East of the country? Sergey Levochkin is rumored to have a direct hand in the Maidan and there are photos his wife attending the pro-West and anti-Russian demonstration. Ilya Kiva was personally responsible for the suppression of pro-Russian forces in the Donetsk oblast in 2014. Mykola Karpyuk, a Ukrainian nationalist who fought against Russian forces in Transnistria and Abkhazia, says Rabinovych, another leader from the Opposition Platform for Life helped the Right Sector and other Ukrainian nationalists. Rabinovych was personally involved in getting Karpyuk out of Russian jail.

With friends like these, who needs enemies? The accusation of pro-Russianness is used against any and all opponents of the current government in Ukraine. In reality, the Ukrainian political scene has long been cleansed of any Russian influence in a process that began long before the eventful 2014.

A Small Gloss on Bilingualism in Ukraine

My personal research into Ukrainian historiography of the eighteenth and nineteenth century has shown that the Russo-Ukrainian bilingualism in Ukraine is not a product of forcible Russification of any sort but rather stems from the realization by the ancestors of contemporary Ukrainians that they are in fact Russian, and therefore the literary language of the Muscovites is their own, and not foreign. Meanwhile, Ukrainian language as we know today did not even exist. It existed only in its primordial form of a peasant patois of which there isn’t practically any literary evidence until Kotlyarevsky and Shevchenko.

Why Did US Treasury Protect Candidate Biden?

I can understand the mainstream media, and social media companies censored the pornographic adventures of Joe Biden’s son Hunter. (I hear his computer contained far greater perversions than two hookers massaging his cock) Jen Gennai of Google is on record saying that they need to prevent another Trump situation. Their political bias is understandable, although Americans and the rest of us in the West ought to be worried about big tech communication monopolies siding with one political power to cover up bad stories about it. What are they gonna cover-up next, electoral manipulations? Oh shit, they already did that…

But why did the US Treasury punish Ukrainian officials that have exposed the Biden family interests in Ukraine? From the Voice of America, a US government funded outfit:

The United States is taking steps to punish members of a Russian-backed influence operation that sought to interfere with November’s election and damage the campaign of President-elect Joe Biden. 

The Treasury Department on Monday announced sanctions against seven people and four companies, all connected to Ukrainian politician Andrii Derkach, previously identified by U.S. officials as a long-time Russian agent. 

According to a Treasury Department statement, starting in 2019, the Derkach-led group “leveraged U.S. media, U.S.-based social media platforms, and influential U.S. persons to spread misleading and unsubstantiated allegations that current and former U.S. officials engaged in corruption, money laundering, and unlawful political influence in Ukraine.” 

Perhaps the most visible part of the plot involved efforts to feed information to U.S. President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. 

Derkach met with Giuliani in December 2019 as the attorney sought to collect derogatory information on then-candidate Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, and was also featured in reports by pro-Trump news outlet One America News Network. 

Treasury officials sanctioned Derkach this past September, a month after U.S. counterintelligence officials warned he was part of a Kremlin-linked effort to undermine Biden and the Democratic Party.


Derkach’s Russia links are debatable, and honestly who cares? The real issue here is corrupt nature of the Democratic Party and the Biden family, who have been making millions in a country they helped to organize a violent change of government in. At the end of the day, this is the type of foreign control that the Ukrainians rather than Americans should be concerned about. They have turned Ukraine into a colony, they pushed Ukraine into a war. The question of US-Ukrainian relations should be on the minds of Ukrainian every day because their leaders definitely do care. You will never see any top Ukrainian official ever discuss that because America has them by the balls. And in the meantime, watch what this Andrii Derkach published, I had this video on my YouTube channel for a while now.

Of Wretched Little Puppets of America Between Mittleuropa and Greater Russia

Who will see nothing but poverty and war because Russophobia is a disease that needs healing through repentance…

As you probably know, I tend to record my trolling adventures with shitbags on the internet. And one such mendacious shitbag is Paul Niland, who ekes out an NGO scrounger existence in Kiev, Ukraine. I assume he is British but he be whatever variety of Anglo interloper and I really care not where he is from…

I went to his profile to get some trolling kick, and wrote this in response to his article from last September about Naftogaz, the Ukrainian state gas company.

My last post gave me the verbal ammunition to unload on propagandist pieces of shit like Paul Niland. The man is a lying snake and deserves a harsh treatment. This is what he replied:

Well, Ukraine has shrunk economically and demographically since the Maidan. Nobody know the size of the second variable because the government refuses to conduct a proper census. The real purpose of infrastructure such as the Nord Stream is simply to bypass the highly unreliable countries that lie between the Mittleuropa and Greater Russia. Were they less mired in Russophobia, Russia would not have the need to construct all this infrastructure.

To Niland history apparently started in 2014.

This is honestly it. Russophobic politics of these countries will bring them nothing but poverty and war, and I only hope they will not drag us into war.

Any conflict could have been prevented if the putschistes in Kiev did not decide to violently suppress any resistance. And I meant what I said. In 2013 I have had to delete all manner of Ukrainian channels from my viewing list because I was a witness to a torrent of Russophobic discourse in the run up to the Maidan.

In the minds of the Western propagandists, Russophobia does not exist, the discrimination of Russians does not exist, the violence against Russians does not exist. Oh well, they are even more stubborn and stupid than the people that run Ukraine.

The Czechs Start Building a Gas Pipeline Connecting Their Country to Nord Stream 2

The attitude of the Czechs towards Ukraine is an interesting one and an inconsistent one. Back in the 2014-2016 when the conflict in the Donbas was the hottest, the Czechs made weapons deliveries to Ukraine, enacted sanctions against Russia with the rest of the EU. and provided treatment to wounded Ukrainian soldiers. But when it comes to heat in their homes, the interests of Ukraine are successfully ignored.

A gas pipeline, the “Capacity4Gas” was turned online in the Czech Republic. The pipeline connects to the EUGAL, which is the terrestrial extension of the Nord Stream 2. Works on the remaining sea based pipeline, in Danish territorial waters should start on 15 January this year, and should the pipeline should be completed within two months.

The US government in a frantic effort to save the gas transit revenue for its puppet, Ukraine, enacted further sanctions but I am not certain this will work. The Nord Stream 2 was already sanctioned to the max…

Now, don’t you find it ridiculous that lawmakers across the pond can legislate against infrastructure projects here in Europe? For this reason, it is imperative that Germany and Russia resist any American pressure. As for America’s puppets, the weak little wretched countries of the Baltics and Ukraine, they need to be cut off from any potential revenue from Russia. And this is the policy of the Kremlin. These obstacles between Mittleuropa and Greater Russia will be bypassed with new infrastructures.

My recommendation to them is: “Topple your sellout governments, skewer the rich, and burn the US embassy!”

British NGO Finds Neonazis in Ukraine on Facebook

Remember, this website is a total Kremlin propaganda but I tend to quote only serious sources here…

One such source is this report, Facebook’s neo-nazi shopfronts funding far-right extremism, by the British NGO Center for Countering Digital Hate. It finds neo-nazis operating out of Ukraine.

What the author of these words, Imran Ahmed, does not quite realise is that the Ukrainian segment of Facebook is moderated by people rather sympathetic to the Azov battalion and other neo-nazi groups in Ukraine. Pro-Russian activists get regularly blocked on that website for no reason by these people. Azov and other nazis are under control of the Ministry of Interior, and those are allies of the United Kingdom. This is a spillover from British foreign policy. Perhaps Imran Ahmed should send his report to the Foreign Office.