Ukraine’s International Volunteers Obliterated

Yuri Podolyaka says around 30 “soldiers” of the International Brigade of Ukraine volunteers have been killed, and about 100 have been wounded in a missile strike of a base in Yavoriv in Lvov region. Seven Kalibr rockets have turned the base into this:

I don’t know if these reports are related to these missile strikes:

The above is in Chernigov:

Solovyev: Yesterday, a rocket attack was targeting not only Yavoriv military ground in the Lvov Region, having destroyed Washington’s plans to turn this site into a multifunctional transport hub with the purposes to send foreign mercenaries to take part in fighting in Ukraine. Also, according to citizens of Chernigov one of the city hotels was destroyed. In the ruins the headquarters of International Nazi Legion was discovered. Fighters of this group became infamous through posts on social media where they displayed humiliation of civilians and POWs.

I have been greeted by an army of soyboys yesterday while trolling on YouTube, who were telling me how the Russians are losing badly, how they lost 2 or 4 generals already, how Russia is paper tiger. All of these couch potatoes, who know jack shit about warfare like me, were regurgitating silly Ukrainian fakes, and I know this comes from Western media, who have completely failed when it comes to reporting this war. And I am wondering, whether some of these volunteers weren’t convinced by this abysmal reporting in “reputable” papers to go to Ukraine to meet their doom?

I understand people’s desire to help the Kiev regime given the hysteria in the mainstream media but you understand, the hysteria over Ukraine is because Putin is uncovering one stinky can of worms over there. I don’t think the funky Kiev regime can be saved, nor do I think it should be saved. STAY HOME!!!

The Mirror is reporting:


For French speakers, I get what it is about but will not translate it:

I received this commercial on YouTube today:

Paul Joseph Watson on the topic:

This space is rapidly becoming some clown world comedy:

Reports have it that two Czech nationals serving in the Karpathian Sich were arrested in Irpin, near Kiev, for stealing from their brothers in arms. Report in Czech:

I have featured the Karpathian Sich here. They are total Nazis.

Aiden Aslin

How it started:

Source The above is the situation as of July 2022…

The Cardinal Sin of Vladimir Putin

Translated words of Christof Heusgen, the chairman of the Munich Security Conference, from RIA.

The cardinal sin committed by Putin is that he is right now in a situation… that we are in a situation, in which we need to find billions of dollars for the support of Ukraine, to buy weapons, to defend democracy and the rule of law. This money could be much better spent on a “damages fund” to help all our partners fight the effects of global warming.

These soycucks wanna blame on Putin the fact they cannot fight global warming, by the way the latter is a hoax. I literally had one idiot on Facebook blaming Putin for not having manufactures on the orbit.

Reality check, the collective West instigated this war. They sponsored two colour revolutions in Ukraine, they sabotaged the Minsk process, they lied to the Russians, and now they act all surprised there is a war. These pigs wanted this war to blame the destruction of the European middle class and industry on it. “It is not our fault you standard of living has gone down. Let me take your ass back to the eighteenth century, while I buy a hydrogen fueled super-yacht.”