The Czech Parliamentarians Write Letters to the US Congress Complaining About Media in the Czech Republic

Our elected representatives have found an interesting activity

In the span of three months they have already sent two letters of complaint to the US Congress about the media situation in the Czech Republic.

CZECH MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT WRITE TO CONGRESS. THEY ARE CONCERNED ABOUT DISINFORMATION ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Seven out of nine factions in the parliament warn against the danger disinformation on social media presents to democracy. They are addressing the congressmen to use their influence on Facebook, Google, Twitter to make these companies behave more responsibly. Only the communists and SPD(anti-immigration right) did not join [the initiative]. (29 November 2019)
A letter was sent to the Congress, where representatives of the Czech Pirate Party (SJW leftist trash) warn against the sale Nova (TV station) to Petr Kellner. They are trying to bring the attention of the American politicians to potential pro-Chinese propaganda. Kellner says this is just for him.

The Stolen Toilets That Weren’t: How Russophobic Hoaxes Are Created

In the West, there exists a myth of a vast Russian disinformation machine. However, in reality, the Western reader is constantly bombarded with stories that disparage Russia…

Few months ago, Russia returned the ships it seized from Ukraine in 2018. Immediately after, the Ukrainian media reported toilets were stolen from the ships. I was surprised these washtubs even had toilets but a recent video that surfaced seems to suggest they did. And the toilets are still there.

What happened was, one of the toilets had an issue with flushing. But somehow the Ukrainian media interpreted it as “the Russians stole the toilets.” Western media seem to have uncritically taken them on their word.

Screenshot 2020-02-01 at 16.38.02.png

Screenshot 2020-02-01 at 16.55.58.png

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Hromadske’s Bohdan Kutepov is an Assohole

Following the Sentsov press conference, Hromadske’s journalist wrote on Facebook that “good” Ukrainian journalists should beat up “bad” Ukrainian journalists…

I think this, so that we don’t see squeaking about suppression of the freedom of speech, journalists should fuck over other journalist personally. And female journalists should be fucked over by female journalists. Those that are asking stupid questions should be sat down, or simply dragged out of the hall. And those that come, pretending to be journalists, from Shariy, Medvedchuk or Kremlin dumps like must be mercilessly fucked over. S for Self-regulation. “WHAT WERE YOU ACCUSED OF?” “WHAT ARE YOUR CREATIVE PLANS?”

This self-regulation led to the murder of Oles’ Buzyna and started the war in the Donbass. If you don’t know what Hromadske TV is, it is grant eater institution par excellence. The Hromadske emerged in 2013 in the early days of the Euromaidan, and serviced the so called “Revolution of Dignity”. An article on from 2016, reveals who the sponsors are:

1) The European Commission

2) The Omidyar Network

3) USAID and its Swedish and Canadian counterparts

4) The German embassy

5) Ukrainian World Foundation – diaspora in Canada

6) The Dutch Embassy, Internews Network, Swiss Agency for Development, The Swedish International Liberal Center, The Thomson Foundation

^All of the named above support violence, repression, radical nationalism, intolerance, and ethnic cleansing…

Russians Hold Hostages vs. Ukrainians Jail Criminals


Julian Röpke is a journalist for the German tabloid BILD, and a big fighter against Russian disinformation. He blocked my current twitter account…

What Julian is referring to is the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine. One of these prisoners was Oleg Sentsov, an activist of the Automaidan in 2013, who was arrested by FSB because he allegedly planned to blow up Soviet monuments in Crimea, so that the “Moskals experience terror!” The EU awarded him a Sakharov Freedom of Thought prize. Western media referred to him as a film director. It is true, Sentsov has one amateurish film that he made, which none of his fans have watched. I bet Julian didn’t watch it either.

We have to thank the new President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky for making this exchange of prisoners possible. It was something that he worked on over Summer, he personally phoned Vladimir Putin. Oleg Sentsov and the others were a source of cheap propaganda for the previous president, Petro Poroshenko and the dupes at EU have only aided him in this.

I wish all the luck to Oleg Sentsov, and I hope his career as a film director will only flourish from now on…

Ekho Moskvy Audience Is Apparently Representative of the General Russian Opinion

I have always been rather sceptical of the quality of the anti-Russian-disinformation disinformation efforts (see here and here). 

So the other day I learned this at EU vs. Disinfoan official website of the EU dedicated to the fight against Russian disinformation:

No they don’t!

The source of this is an Ekho Moskvy telephone poll.

Radio Ekho Moskvy polled its audience on whether “the assessment of KVN and similar shows as a propaganda tool makes any sense”. By Monday, 68% of the answers among those who voted online agreed with the study and answered that it makes sense. Among those interviewed by phone, 60% shared that opinion.

You might as well ask the viewers of Rachel Maddow what they think about Donald Trump, and the result would be just as representative of the general opinion in the US.

Haven’t the EU vs. Disinfo committed disinformation here, and purposefully mislead their readers, who might not be familiar with Russian reality?