Investment Scammers Use Dmytro Gordon to Promote Themselves

For a time, I have been getting this commercial in Russian on YouTube that looks like an obvious scam. It offers an investment opportunity with unbelievably high returns, and abuses the good name of corporations and famous people to promote itself. Sadly, there is nowhere to complain about such scams anywhere on YouTube. I guess YouTube wants to inundate people with commercials such as these for them to subscribe to their premium payed service.

The thing is called Tesla X, abusing the name of Elon Musk’s car company, and the videos feature famous TV people from Russia and Ukraine, where they are voiced over to appear like they are promoting the scammers. It looks cheap AF. I believe that this is a form of a “rug pull”, a new term I have learned in connection with the Squid Coin scandal, where scammers exploited the name of a popular TV series to promote a fake crypto currency.

The scammers behind Tesla X this time pulled Dmytro Gordon to advertise themselves:

That’s what I call shooting yourself in the foot. Gordon is one of the least trustworthy people I can imagine. He is a “popular” TV host on oligarch owned Ukrainian channels. The oligarchs love Dmytro because he is willing to say whatever he is told, and is easily bought to promote whatever message.

Little is known to the creators of this that Dmytro Gordon is also known as a scammer. Back in the days, before lucrative TV contracts, Gordon promoted the sale of “magical brass pyramids” that were said to heal serious ailments. He also promoted a variety of oracles, and quacks pushing questionable remedies. So, when I was shown Dmytro’s face in this scam, I burst into laughter.

Earlier they used Vladimir Pozner, a Russian TV host where he is speaking English in a famous interview, and praising the scam in the voiceover. If I didn’t know English, and did not see that particular interview, I might have even believed it. But then again, I think I am aware enough of the activities of Elon Must for this to convince me. However, as the Squid Coin affair has show, many are gullible. Now, preying on people in such a way is totally morally reprehensible and I don’t get why YouTube allows this filth on their website, while completely legitimate content gets mercilessly censored.

RT in German gets Blocked and Russia Should Answer in Kind

The YouTube channels of the German language version of RT were blocked, allegedly for hosting content that questioned the policies of the German government regarding the Covid epidemic. Russia must answer in kind.

If RT German is blocked in Germany. Deutsche Welle, also known as DW, in Russian should be blocked in the Russian Federation. Tit for tat.

Furthermore, pro-Russian content and Russia positive content hasn’t had it easy on social media of late. Russia should punish censorship of such content with fines and even blocks on entire websites. I personally would cheer any punishment of big tech.

500 Seconds of Truth About Ukraine Videos are Censored on the Territory of Czech Republic

500 Seconds of Truth About Ukraine is a series of videos created by Mikhail Onufrienko, a blogger from Kharkov, (see his blog on livejournal and his YouTube channel) now resident in Crimea, where he moved after 2014. The videos piece Ukrainian nationalism apart. It is a must watch by anyone interested in Ukraine and there are videos with English subs on YouTube too. And what is funny, they were made in Ukraine by a person with a completely Ukrainian surname, and a South Russian accent. To my dismay, I found several of them blocked on the territory of the Czech Republic. I guess somebody doesn’t want the Czechs to know the truth about Ukraine…

I am going to try to salvage whatever videos I can and give them English subs.

Update: So dear friends, yesterday I managed to download all 12 episodes in one go but when I tried to reupload it to my channel. This is what happened:

Seems like YouTube wouldn’t allow us to have nice things.