I was Asking a Legitimate Question but YouTube Would Rather Police my Speech

I understand that what I have written lacks decorum but it is a legitimate question to ask of many women, not just black…

I wanted to write “all that money”

The word jiggaboo is apparently very offensive, I have picked it up in rap songs and there it describes a melanin rich black female. Obviously, I use it because I want my messages to be brief.

Obviously, a highly attractive black man wants a young Halle Berry, who is sweet like strawberry 🍓

Girls that look like shit but would want themselves a baller deserve no mercy and deference. The society is just crawling with these entitled princesses, no matter what race they are. These women need to be told the truth for their own good.

Speaking of melanin rich females, I am not nasty to all of them. If they are very rich in melanin, they have this almost alien look…

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