Vovan & Lexus have Been Mercilessly Deleted From YouTube

After their prank on UK officials, Ben Wallace and Priti Patel, the Russian prankers, Vovan and Lexus were mercilessly deleted from YouTube. Because we have freedom of speech in the West, my upload of their Ben Wallace prank lasted like two nights before it was removed. But this website likes banned and suppressed information, and therefore I decided to share with readers where you can find their pranks.

I must say I found their videos on RuTube through Yandex, Google produces nothing. It should be noted that big tech is not uniform in the ban on Vovan and Lexus. Here for instance is the Priti Patel video on Twitter. I have uploaded the Ben Wallace video onto RuTube before I realised they have a RuTube presence. Their prank with the NED can be watched here.

4 thoughts on “Vovan & Lexus have Been Mercilessly Deleted From YouTube

  1. Bro, Google will just lead you to articles and “analysis” on how Russia took a huge L in Ukraine. The same mofo who keep writing these articles to brag about how Ukraine has retook all of northern Ukraine….etc. Bitch give me a fucking break! They honestly think that Ukraine could retake all those cities and towns in a matter of a week? Putin decided to focus more on Donbass region, as he previously claimed, and he ordered all the troops that were garrisoned in those northern cities to fight in Donbass instead. Yet, the normies around the world actually believe Russia to be that weak. What a bunch of gullible sheep they are.

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    1. I noticed this bravado among East Europeans whenever the Russians leave an area. For instance, the Soviets began withdrawing their forces from Czechoslovakia in 1990. Certain activists have protested. and now they claim they chased the Russians out. It’s absolutely silly, the Ukrainians will be beaten eventually.

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      1. The East Europeans have that emotionalism in them. However, they don’t do that good of a job when it comes to playing damsel in distress and mind games compares to Asians. This reminds me of a saying I’ve heard it a long time ago…teenage boys are more aggressive and more likely to fight you directly and physically, but they tend to fuck shits up, while teenage girls may look more tame and more likely to avoid direct conflict, but when you look into them, they’re more fucked up. East European cucks look more like teenage boys, while Asian cucks look more like teenage girls. All in all, just bunch of teenage-minded people who think they’re some hot shit because they’re pro-West and/or anti-Russia/anti-China.

        Btw, I’ve also noticed how a lot of Western alpha simps who simp for Ukraine, have tendency of declaring any video of Russian advance, Ukrainian war crime or Ukrainian forces taking L/surrendering as fake. More often than not, they don’t even come up with any explanation as of why it’s fake. I wonder how can they live like that? Are people really so easy to be convinced by one side that they automatically claim that the other side is fake?


  2. I say stick to Yandex and Ru Tube, as Google, Twitter and YouTube will never show anything about Russian advance and heroic acts. Well, guess the gullible sheep around the world needs some of that Battle of Pelennor Fields, where Swastika Gandolf and Black Sun Aragorn won against Sauron Putin…shit that’s probably what most normies think deep down inside.

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