Ukrainian (or pro-Ukrainian) Activists Block a Road in Prague Protesting Against the Use of Fossil Fuels

Driving a car fuels Putin’s war machine, don’t drive a car, don’t burn gas in your home, close coal powered power plants, make Greta happy…

UPD: The protest calls itself: minus 3 degrees celsius for Ukraine, organised by the Extinction Rebellion. I am pretty sure that if there are Ukrainians among them, they are a minority. A video of an altercation between the activists and the drivers has appeared. Watch it before YouTube takes it down over violence…

The drivers are very angry, in case this gets taken down I have made an upload to RuTube, where it undergoes moderation.

8 thoughts on “Ukrainian (or pro-Ukrainian) Activists Block a Road in Prague Protesting Against the Use of Fossil Fuels

  1. You knows what? I think I’ve came to a realization of a pattern. Forget about liberals and conservatives. If you truly wanna know you’re dealing with Sinophobe or not, just ask them about the opinions of war in Ukraine. If you get this shit as response, then the chances are, they probably have some really warped view of China. They may or may not support Russia initially, but they’ll definitely cry out war crime and call Putin a brutal dictator…etc. Those assholes that were blocking traffic were the liberal ones. The conservative ones may praise Putin’s intelligence for taking advantage when Trump is not there, but still, the overall messages are the same. All the Sinophobes hate Russia for the war in Ukraine nowadays, and some may have shown some supposedly favoritism towards Russia back in those 4 years of Trump, but it doesn’t matter. I’m fearing one thing though, that whoever may replace the dementia geezer may play China card and accuse China of “manipulating Russia into invading Ukraine”. I hope China is ready for this type of nonsensical accusation in 2024.

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    1. The same neoliberal crowd that is calling for regime change in Moscow fears China just as equally or even more. These people are Western supremacists no matter their opinion on domestic economics, which is all that the liberal-conservative, left-right divide boils down to these days.

      I personally don’t even know whether the protesters in the picture are Ukrainians. Prague has many organisations that are for the green agenda, against cars, against Putin and for the current thing. There are enough dorky Czechs, who are willing to wrap themselves up in a Ukrainian flag despite knowing jack shit about the country. The cops are standing there looking bewildered, they were much more aggressive against anti-lockdown protesters.

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      1. Bottom line, they’d rather want folks to remain ignorant and infantile, than to bring up subjects that actually matter such as lock down. Speaking of lock down, this is funny AF I swear, but most of lockdown procedure and vaccine checks in Seattle have stopped back in the beginning of March. Not sure how it is in CR though, but nowadays you can drink at bar freely. You only need to wear mask when you take public transport, at certain restaurants, or if you’re working with food. Guess the governments in US, Canada, UK, Australia and across EU have figured that the war in Ukraine can provide a bigger distraction of the fact that a. 2008 recession has never ended and b. Liberals and conservatives as well as those Green clowns, can’t do a thing to fix it.

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      2. Masks aren’t a thing here anymore. Like suddenly they disappeared. A coworker who was always in a mask suddenly put the mask off. I guess because the workplace stopped providing them. Putin killed Covid. However, Ukraine is something that wears off very quickly. The country is so messed up people’s head would explode. They can’t be feeding people Ukraine 24/7. Also, they can’t blame Putin for their idiotic policies. Sanctions war being the latest.

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  2. The only exception will be the Duginists, who will hate China but remain supportive of Russia’s position. However, I’ve also noticed one thing; Duginists are also not a fan of many of China’s potential enemies, be it Taiwan, those former protesting ass clowns in Hong Kong, or even India in some cases. I’ve seen some who are actually smart, but the average Duginists are deluded bunches and poses very little threats I suppose. Not to mention unless you live in certain parts of Eastern Mediterranean or Muslim countries where there seem to be many Duginists, they’re mostly active online only. No matter how pissed they sound, I suppose we can say they don’t really pose a threat, at least for the moment…at least until the West learns how to manipulate them into doing something unthinkable instead of the usual accusations of Dugin being “Putin’s mastermind”.

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      1. Back in my FB days, I used to know this Serbian guy who got into some beef with local Duginists and received death threats, but nothing happened to him thankfully.


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