Light a Candle for Ukraine

Somewhere in Britain…


Guys, update, I wrote that the above is somewhere in Britain because that was written in the caption of the photo but here I am looking at a Portuguese fact checking website that made a mention of my blog in connection with the above photo, and it seems that various locations have been shared in connection with the photo, including the Portuguese pilgrimage site, Fatima.

I really love how they render a description of this blog.

“curiosidades, informações proibidas e imagens amaldiçoadas”

The above is a cursed image, wherever it was taken.

Ukrainian (or pro-Ukrainian) Activists Block a Road in Prague Protesting Against the Use of Fossil Fuels

Driving a car fuels Putin’s war machine, don’t drive a car, don’t burn gas in your home, close coal powered power plants, make Greta happy…

UPD: The protest calls itself: minus 3 degrees celsius for Ukraine, organised by the Extinction Rebellion. I am pretty sure that if there are Ukrainians among them, they are a minority. A video of an altercation between the activists and the drivers has appeared. Watch it before YouTube takes it down over violence…

The drivers are very angry, in case this gets taken down I have made an upload to RuTube, where it undergoes moderation.