Zombie Fakes From the Kiev Regime


The bodies of Bucha are an obvious fake because the Ukrainian forces have entered the town already two days ago.


The photo actually comes from Mariupol, Arestovych claims it is from Hostomel…
Here the girl explains she is alive. LOL


3 thoughts on “Zombie Fakes From the Kiev Regime

  1. Ukraine seems to be churning out bullshit after bullshit. Actually, as I recall, they were talking bullshit back in those wonderful years of 2014, 2015 and 2016, when Ukraine Today, or UT, was around. I also remember how Ukraine made a big deal out of that Alexei Milchakov guy. The only difference being that back then, nobody gave a rat ass about Ukraine, except for a few boomers and hardcore libtards in the West, and of course, those Russophobic assholes from countries like Poland, Romania…etc. Most were focusing on dissing Obama, supporting Sanders or Hillary, or dissing or supporting Trump. Now, everyone is shedding their crocodile tears, and what’s even more pathetic, is that I’m damn sure that at least some of them are doing it out of peer pressure.

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  2. Whether the swastika brand is from Hostomel or Mariupol seems to be quibbling, no? If the branding is being done by RF personnel to civilians, isn’t a heinous (and very Nazi-esque) act regardless of geography?


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