Ukrainian Alpha Sea Wolves Get Busted

Vzglyad reports…

The sailors, who were arrested near Crimea turned out to be “stars” of the Ukrainian internet.

Among the Ukrainian military men arrested in the Kerch strait was the commander of the Ukrainian armoured speedboat “Berdyansk”, Roman Mokryak, who earlier promised on air in Ukrainian media to destroy Russian ships with the help of the “Wolfpack” tactic. (somebody likes the German navy here)

According to a Crimean blogger, Aleksandr Talipov, it turns out the commanders of arrested ships were Bohdan Nebylitsa and Roman Mokryak (funny surname, fitting for a sailor, means: “Wet one”). According to him, they were “stars” of Ukrainian media and the Ukrainian segment of the internet.

“The commander of the small armoured gunboat “Nikopol” is Bohdan Nebylitsa. Do you remember the students of the Nakhimov academy, who sang the Ukrainian anthem [in defiance of the Russian flag]  (see below)? Bohdan is one of them.” 

He added that Nebylitsa underwent training in USA, after which he was appointed a commander on “Nikopol”

Mokryak really was one of those that explained in detail how the Ukrainian navy will sink Russian ships.

“When the “Wolfpack” will attack, the Russian ship will be unable to aim at six, five, or even four targets simultaneously. And that means that at least one these armoured “wolflings” will hit the enemy. So now we will see who is better.”


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