Poroshenko Wants to Prolong his Time in Office

Following an altercation between Ukrainian navy and the FSB coast guard (seen in the video below), caused by Ukrainian vessels crossing into Russian territorial waters, which led to the arrest of about 30 Ukrainian crewmen, and 3 Ukrainian vessels, (my numbers are likely wrong here) Poroshenko convened the National Security Council (NSC), which recommended to the parliament to vote on a 2 month martial law today, which the parliament is likely to do because they rubber stamp anything that comes from the Presidential Administration or the NSC.

Let me get this straight, the so called “Donbass Cauldrons” of 2014-2015, where thousands of Ukrainian servicemen and patriotic volunteers have met their Lord, was not a reason enough to institute a martial law? Nobody on the Bankova Street (the seat of Presidential Administration in Kiev) misses those nazi volunteers I guess. However this, albeit dangerous but non-deadly altercation in the Sea of Azov is a good reason for a martial law? Now, 4 months before the presidential election?

Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 00.08.18.png
Mustafa Nayyem (MP from Poroshenko’s party): If the martial law happens, it will last the entire December and January. And this means, that even the decision to begin registering candidates for the president could be postponed.

Number of people have suggested that Poroshenko might impose martial law to avoid an election that he is likely to lose. In July, election’s favourite, Tymoshenko suggested  (hat tip Anatoly Karlin) the Presidential Administration plans to abort the elections by imposing martial law. She said Poroshenko is in talks with the Donbass rebels in order to start war.

They have already been heard that a “martial law” does not mean a declaration of war…

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