Fears the Truth

From my trolling adventures… is a project started by the Kyiv Mohyla Academy, which is called to fight disinformation. But I bet in reality they are around to produce an absolutely substandard media product, and gain grants from the EU and Ukrainian taxpayers among other people.

So they featured Jakub Janda:

Jakub Janda: StopFake has singled Russian Disinformation as the main threat to the global agenda. (whatever the latter means, be sure that StopFake and Janda are both on the payroll of the “global agenda”)

And I could not help myself, and had to tell them the truth about Jakub Janda. Janda is a homosexual pornstar, a plagiarist, and he was expelled from university for the latter offence. I am still baffled how somebody with such a biography gets to be a general of the information warfare against Russia. A rumour I heard from an insider has it though, that a large faction in the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs is held by a homosexual mafia.

Anyway, I was promptly blocked by the chief of StopFake:

Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 19.57.36.png

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