Imran Ahmed is Who Censors Your Favourite Content Online

Censorship online has a face…

So I saw this commentary on Dr. Phil’s show which featured the American manosphere author, Rollo Tomasi and Imran Ahmed. The Dr. Phil’s show was ominously subtitled “The Demise of Guys.” The segment of the shown presented Ahmed as a man instrumental in getting Andrew Tate purged from online platforms.

Imran Ahmed is a literal grifter, the founder and CEO of Centre for Countering Digital Hate. Basically, a centre for monitoring online discourse and seeking punishment for those that deviate from the official line. Hate is actually anything they say hate is. These organisations have clients in the media they police because the latter outsource monitoring to organisations such as this. Imran is not censoring anything, he just keeps in touch with people that do.

Everything about Imran bespeaks lack of exercise, low testosterone, and untrustworthiness. I was of the opinion that Andrew Tate was cancelled because Karens complained the kiddies are getting an unhealthy dose of the truth. But this was my inner misogynist assessing the situation. More often than not it is some soy phytoestrogen addled bloke with a high pitched voice.

Now, I am not a Tate fan. I prefer content for people with three digit IQs. The guy also has weird fetishes like BDSM cosplay. He also wrote the chats for his camgirls pretending to be a female. He is a typical Pick Up freak. “For 50 bucks I will teach you how to fuck the hoes.” His content is superficial and only scratches the surface. “Derp, derp, don’t date single mothers.” I am a veteran that lives by the commandments of poon, and I don’t listen to advice like this. But all I can say is this “fuck you” attitude displayed by Tate is what got me laid, and I am not surprised the kids liked him. The manosphere content is so suppressed online, Tate must have seemed like a breath of fresh air.

Do I want Tate to be banned? Obviously not. Tate never said anything illegal and Imran can wipe his ass personal opinion. I definitely don’t want soyboys like Imran to arbitrate what I can watch online. Especially when they are talking out of their arse when defending their arguments like saying that the “manosphere ideology is toxic and unhealthy for relationships”. First off, the manosphere has no ideology, it is a collection of ideas that might be contradictory. And likewise, many of these young men will never have relationships with modern women. So why is it wrong when people like Tate or Tomasi tell them how to get laid?

A lot of manosphere content is actually very helpful to guys. For instance, the idea there is life without women. Many men put pussy first, and they make stupid decisions when they are manipulated by the pussy, real or imagined. When you stop defining your masculinity and worth according to the pussy, magical things in your life happen. You might actually stop being a pathetic simp. You might save your money, and not spend it on some e-THOT on OnlyFans. You might choose your path in life, one best suited to your talents, and not be a slave to pussy and have your life directed.

Searching the internets, I have found that Ahmed was instrumental in deplatforming Tommy Robinson, David Icke, Katie Hopkins. Basically, if you talk about the joys of mass immigration, of C19 vaccination, or say my favourite topic of war in Ukraine, you risk demonetisation and deplatforming. So basically, because of Imran Ahmed and his ilk, you cannot freely talk about things anymore. Ahmed believes deplatforming works because fewer people now watch David Icke on BitChute than they did on YouTube.

Again, I was never a fan of David Icke, I always thought he is quack. I will not visit BitChute to see his diatribes but I know that blocking people is no win. Ahmed was born in Birmingham and never lived in a Communist country where censorship was ubiquitous. In Commie Czechoslovakia there was a black market with media and information, this was before the internet. And anyone looking for David Icke can probably find him if he looks hard enough. Ultimately, influence is not about reaching a wide range of people but about reaching the committed few.

And the bottom line is, I don’t want soyboys to tell me what I should or shouldn’t watch.

The Mainstream Media is Feeding You Shit

Well, I am not sure why anyone still trusts the mainstream media after their abysmal performance on Covid and the Ukrainian crisis. Hunter Biden’s laptop is a long established fact. We have all seen the photos and videos of Hunter having fun. I have posted those already in 2020, and they are still getting traffic to this day. I bet there were many more interesting things but the media failed to report on them before the presidential election. Watch a recent video by Russell Brand:

The mainstream are ones that have created a stink about so called disinformation. They have mouth full of fake news and Russian bots, when they are one ones who peddle most of the disinformation and suppress relevant information. You can’t blame people for turning to blogs and alternative websites in search of the truth, when mainstream media and dominant social media platforms have become a gutter, and when censorship has reached levels last seen in the Czech lands in 1980s.