Russia Blocks Facebook and Twitter, Hooray!

I have been suggesting Russia bans Facebook, and Twitter for many years now. I have a grudge against these companies.


Reliable information? The Western media have been regurgitating Ukrainian propaganda incessantly. Do they not realise that this propaganda is designed by the Ukrainian secret services to demoralise the Russian public?

I really hope this is not a temporary measure for the duration of the Russian operation in Ukraine and will stay put forever.

In other news, OnlyFans has deprived Russian THOTs of their money. I think Russian women will be better off without OnlyFans, Instagram, and Tinder. But dude, how are they gonna meet Chads? I don’t know and I don’t care…

Facebook Wipeout

What were they thinking? Blocking OGs like me from using their website, and keeping all those boring NPC drones would somehow be profitable? From Bloomberg:

Meta Platforms Inc.’s one-day crash may rank as the worst in stock-market history.

The Facebook parent plunged 24 per cent in U.S. trading Thursday on the back of poor earnings results, putting it on track to erase more than US$200 billion. 

At current levels, that’s the biggest collapse in market value for any U.S. company. But there’s no certainty the losses will hold, especially given the recent volatility that’s whipped across technology shares. Markets have swung wildly in recent weeks, with buy-the-dip traders sometimes storming in during the final hours of the trading day. 

Still, analysts were bleak in their assessments, pointing out that Meta faces stiff competition from rivals like Tiktok and revenue was far lower than expected. Michael Nathanson, an analyst at brokerage Moffett Nathanson, titled his note “Facebook: The Beginning of the End?” 

Allow this blog back onto your platform, and watch your positive karma grow!

Pathetic Western Social Media Companies Censor This Blog

I am honoured, it has been reported to me that Facebook blocks the sharing of links to this blog. Facebook is the same company that gave me a 30 day Zucc for this:

Please, tell me again about the god awful censorship in China or Russia. My persona is literally blocked from using the largest communication platform in the country I reside in. I actually wonder what for? For being the son of a man of the same name? Literally get that linked article translated into a language you understand.

The old househead in Kathmandu…they literally picked one of the coolest photos of me. I bet, the author, Jan Cemper has a crush on me.

I am actually glad I was chased out of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (the only thing I had on the latter was a photo of an old Chinese vase). At least I am not a slave to these companies but the saddest part is all my homies are still there.

Meanwhile, women are getting gang raped in the Metaverse. I want a video of that! Proof or it didn’t happen.

Facebook vs. Khokhloma

Kokhloma is a traditional Russian decorative style painted usually on wood. It has the misfortune of being phonetically similar to the word “Khokol” (a pre-modern ethnic designation meaning “Ukrainian”, now considered derogatory).

Khokhloma makes Facebook algorithms go crazy. A man posting a picture of a rocket decorated in Khokhloma style was Zucced for his post.

Another reason why you should avoid using Facebook for communication. It does not understand the nuances of language and culture.

You Tasted Life Without Facebook, How Was It?

Yesterday, Facebook and other related services when out for like 6 hours. And it was beautiful. Why does New York Times present this as a tragedy?

I personally do not care what happened to Facebook employees. If you are Facebook employee, you should be ashamed but when read that businesses were cut off from customers…

My friends, if you have a business, a society, a political party, or campaign. Reliance on Facebook is the worst situation you can be in. It is only good when the machine works to your favour. Once it doesn’t, this reliance becomes hell.

This will teach you…

Followers of a Russian Football Coach get Zucced on Facebook for Mentioning his Name

The coach of the Volgograd Rotor Football club says he is suing Facebook because apparently, people that tag is name in comments get a one week Zucc.

Dmitry Khokhlov has a surname that is derived from the word “khokhol”, a pre-modern designation for “Ukrainian”, for instance Nikolai Gogol, the writer, referred to himself as “khokhol”. Today however the word is often used pejoratively. Some very smart person in Facebook therefore thought banning the entire word would somehow make Facebook a better place.

Now the algorithm bans anyone using that word. Including when addressing Mr. Khokhlov. I personally think that suing Facebook is a waste of energy. The public must be aware that Facebook is not a platform, where you can safely engage in discussion of whatever topic. You never know where the Zucc is gonna come from. I personally was zucced for a photo of Joseph Goebbels, that was caption with the words: “the media are behaving like Goebbels now.” You cannot have satire on that website, and a historian trying to discuss the Nazi regime would as well be banned for that photo.

When I was still on Facebook, I was Zucced for a photo from the Bengal Famine. It should have dawned on me then that Facebook is rife with ridiculous censorship and not a platform that is friendly to its users. Imagine being treated like this in any offline setting, these people would soon be out of business.

Any public figure needs to have a website and encourage his followers to go there for information first instead of relying on Facebook.

Anatoly Shariy Gets Zucced on Facebook for Sharing Black Sun Cover With Protasevych – AGAIN!!!

Well, what was I saying on this blog? Ahh, sharing the cover of the Black Sun Azov magazine cover with Protasevych will earn you a Zucc. I am still amazed you people use Facebook…

Anatoly Shariy says he is again zucced, this time for a month for sharing the above. On Facebook my dear pumpkins, you cannot share the good stuff. I am amazed at how you people return to Facebook after they censor you once, or twice, it’s crazy! We need people like Shariy, who has millions of followers to stop using that site. They need to stop feeding the beast.

If Your Facebook Profile gets Tagged by Fact-checkers, Your Ass Will be Shadow-blocked

Facebook pretty much says that if you share too much alternative information, Facebook is not a friendly platform…

Starting today, we will reduce the distribution of all posts in News Feed from an individual’s Facebook account if they repeatedly share content that has been rated by one of our fact-checking partners. We already reduce a single post’s reach in News Feed if it has been debunked.

Your ass, dear Facebook user is now at the mercy of Facebook fact-checkers, and you might be of the impression that those are impartial people that have the common good in mind.

And do not be mistaken, I believe there are genuine purveyors of misinformation but do not ever believe that the fact-checkers always have good intentions. There will always be bias towards the official line, and that is totalitarian. Read this blog, and you will be informed.

I suggest you only post the mainstream media because despite them being the biggest purveyors of misinformation, they will likely never be censored. But I have a better suggestion, stop using a platform that is likely to censor you over things that should not be censored.

Black Sun Azov Magazine With Protasevych Will Earn you a Zucc

Guys, I do not understand what you all are still doing on Facebook. On Facebook, you cannot discuss certain topics, you might be be banned for absolute nonsense, and in Ukraine Facebook is literally moderated by Nazis.

So is it any wonder Facebook does not want you to see a picture of Protasevych on Azov Black Sun magazine? In 2016, my now defunct Facebook was mentioned on a list of Russian trolls compiled by Ukrnazis. So I am not surprised that I was blocked almost every month until that profile was mercilessly deleted. I am however surprised, Anatoly Shariy, who featured the above Zucc in his recent video, and called Facebook “a dump,” still uses it…

There is life after Facebook, and if the people cannot see your posts, what is the point of using it?