Pathetic Western Social Media Companies Censor This Blog

I am honoured, it has been reported to me that Facebook blocks the sharing of links to this blog. Facebook is the same company that gave me a 30 day Zucc for this:

Please, tell me again about the god awful censorship in China or Russia. My persona is literally blocked from using the largest communication platform in the country I reside in. I actually wonder what for? For being the son of a man of the same name? Literally get that linked article translated into a language you understand.

The old househead in Kathmandu…they literally picked one of the coolest photos of me. I bet, the author, Jan Cemper has a crush on me.

I am actually glad I was chased out of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (the only thing I had on the latter was a photo of an old Chinese vase). At least I am not a slave to these companies but the saddest part is all my homies are still there.

Meanwhile, women are getting gang raped in the Metaverse. I want a video of that! Proof or it didn’t happen.

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