Mocking the Elves

So, there is an organisation called the Czech Elves. They are bunch of wankers dedicated to hunting evil, pro-Russian, internet trolls and policing the discourse on social media. So they have produced this graphic describing the current “disinformation” trends.

Let me translate the points, the account is followed by a summary but that is not worth while…

1) Anti-Russian sanctions are turning against the West. The West will inevitably decline.

I personally think the West already is in terminal decline. With or without Russian sanctions. However, every time we discuss Russia sanctions, we need to mention the consumer prices for energy resources. The latter will lead to the impoverishment of many, the loss of production, and jobs.

WTF? Do elves even have driving licenses? Have they been to the pump of late?

2) The government of Petr Fiala needs to be impeached, or overthrown.

A lot of people, including myself, are unhappy with the current government. I didn’t vote for them. However, I do not want them to be overthrown. They are such useless pieces of excrement that I just want to see them discredit themselves completely, so that the next parliament will be totally free of them.

I am no fan of uprisings and revolutions in general. This cannot be said of many here in

3) The Russian troops are welcome as liberators in the Donbas, the Ukrainians are committing war crimes.

Of course, not everyone in the Donbas welcomed Russia as a liberator but I would say a critical mass of people did.

4) In the Netherlands, the farmers are protesting against anti-carbon dictate of the EU.

The farmer protests in the Netherlands are motivated by environmental policies of the Dutch government and these in turn are motivated by directives issued in Brussels.

We return here to point 1) where we discussed the decline of the West. Environmental energy and agrarian policies will inevitably lead to a decline of the economy.

5) The government is forcing us to take a vaccine, which is ineffective and dangerous.

I don’t want to claim anything about the effectiveness or risks of the vaccines because I ain’t a medical expert. However, I would say the state has been rather forceful about vaccination. The Czech state is too pussy to be somehow drastic about it but still, unvaccinated people were discriminated against.

6) The Ukrainian military is demoralized and is suffering big losses.

I guess we have the accept the line of the mainstream media in the Czech Republic which are full of peremohas of the Ukrainians, and they are committing a zrada upon the people. Mainstream media in the West, not just in the Czech Republic have completely failed the public in their reporting.

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