6 thoughts on “Depopulating Eastern Europe

  1. I was about to say brain drain, but then again, my instincts tells me it’s probably bigger than just that. Why do you think is the cause of it?

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    1. Part of it is emigration, especially among the most affected countries but check this, most kids where I am from are born out of wedlock. Fewer children are being born in total.

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      1. So basically, it’s partially brain drain, and partially due to a more liberal concept of childbearing. From what I can see, there are two concepts of childbearing; the traditional concept of childbearing – especially East Asia’s, where many middle to upper-middle class parents tend to view kids as the extension of their will, and the kids, especially the daughters, end up becoming a complete hoe. Then you have the typical liberal ideas of childbearing, where the would-be parents’ own lust causes them to reproduce at a minimum rate, if they do reproduce at all. I think between these two, there gotta be some kind of balance point. Both ends of extreme tend to lead to problems. Then again, after seeing so many examples of improper parenting, I think the parents need to do some soul searching and ask themselves honestly, what do they expect out of having kids and life in general.

        As I’m typing, I begin to recollect the answer I’ve read on Quora a little while ago about East Asian’s morality. The way how the guy put it, about how by introducing the post-Enlightenment philosophies such as communism and free-market capitalism, seem to make East Asia’s societal problems way worse, not better, and at the end, these philosophies led to the hypercompetitive, pressure-cooker, abusive, whoring-yourself-out idea of capitalism that takes place in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Singapore, as well as the “communist nihilism” that takes place in China and Vietnam. He also went on about how at least back in the older time, the OG Confucianism did generate some amounts of morality and most of all, compassion, in East Asia – parents tend to be considerate and understand the idea of consequences better, such as if they want their kids to have filial piety, they shouldn’t abuse their kids physically nor emotionally and most of all, stop punishing their kids in such a perverted fashion over something really trifle and stupid (read the Chinese newspaper headlines, or Korean or even Japanese…you’ll be amazed at what you find). He was right on spot. Now, children in East Asia are viewed little more than tools to bring prestige and money to the parents and to serve as the parents’ punch bags, if not the parents’ bitches, and any sense of genuine compassion for a fellow human being is considered to be something only losers have, even if it’s your own kids. It’s sad!

        That’s how East Asia looks like. You wonder why East Asia happens to be another region where countries and societies are ageing? I’m not gonna pretend that I’m that much of an expert of East European history, but correct me if I’m wrong, I think it’s kind of the same scenarios, just replace Confucianism with the old Christianity. Then I take a look at the nonsense and cursed images (lol) from US and Western Europe, I wonder what exactly has gone wrong since the times of Enlightenment Age?

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      2. Confucianism and Christianity all originate from the same technological source, that is the literary, philosophical, and spiritual milieu of the classical period. Christianity and Confucianism as foundations for life differ only in superficial nuances, yet they pose themselves the same questions and more often than not come to the same conclusions. What we are experiencing is a paradigm shift, a change in economy to say the least. From a World of peasants and landlords to an industrial World, where old paradigms of Confucianism and Christianity do not work as they did before, and they take degenerate forms from what they were before.

        Two myths are driving the politics. One which looks to the past where things were presumably good. Although, they aren’t realizing, the World has changed since then. And on the other side are progressives that believe in progress, without giving a second thought to the impact it has. It almost seems like very few are trying to bring into the World a system, which would not only assimilate the technological progress but also provide a guidance that would set people’s lives in order, and help the society perpetuate itself.

        I personally only meet girls that want to have fun, or have some issues like bad finances, or obesity. These girls either want my evolved penis or they want me to save them from whatever. Everybody around me seems jaded and unsatisfied. Very few truly happy people.

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  2. As far as girls go, this is one thing I’ve been saying for a while; pleasing women is never gonna work. Women are perpetually dissatisfied. You can keep them happy enough, but don’t sacrifice your own dignity because of them. They’ll look at you as a weakling and either refuse to give you pussies or they give it to you as a way to mind fuck you for their own personal benefits. Insecurity and being over sheltered are huge issues here. And those are just regular girls I’m talking about. Then again, they wouldn’t act the same if simps are out of the way. The more you see them act funny like that, means the more simps there is in the society they live in. They know it’s gonna work.

    For the OG Confucianism, OG Christianity and the old ways, I think we can all agree on something: Past may be better in some ways, but looking at the past won’t be able to solve a damn thing. I mean if anyone in China trynna revive OG Confucianism and Chinese imperial system, it’s bound to look weird and out of place. I mean, many among the right wing America want things to return to how it was back in the 50’s, and even just 1950s, which is not that horribly far from today, they still failed for the most parts. Now, how can we revive something from, let’s say, 1500s? As for progressives, I think you’re onto something too; the problem with them, is that they don’t know the idea of consequences. They just repeat what they were told by the progressive professors and teachers, and neither the teachers nor themselves seem to do any filtering for logical fallacies nor even go out and see things for themselves, before making their progressive ideas a reality.

    Both the rights and the lefts need to get real and make changes based on the realities that we all know. I think they can start by trying to take things apart and see how it work. Ever tried to take apart a clock to see how it work when you were little? That’s more of the spirit we need. If it’s up to me, I’d say focus on how to help the struggling ones to get away from their daily torments rather than liberating them. Remember how even back in the Facebook days, I’ve always talked about how a modified version of Gaddafi’s Jamahiriya is the tool to save the abused and bullied individuals in China and even across Asia? If you can’t change the abusive parents or bosses nor make them go away, then how about coming up with ways to allow the kids and workers to get away from the source of their daily torments with relative ease? Can’t beat your tormentors, then get away from them so you can live free and of course, try to eliminate their dominance – that’s where the nature of “Power, wealth and arms in the hands of the people” come into play. I come up with these through observing and negotiating my way through the reality. The so-called intellectuals, both the right wing and left wing alike, need to get real like me, instead of talking about their usual bullshit.

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    1. I honestly believe that the unhappiness of modern women is stoked, perhaps deliberately, by mass media. The market needs unhappy women, they make the best consumers. And men spend money to make the women happy. It’s good for business. Lonely neurotic women is what the business needs, they need women, who will write shit like “I love my job” into their Tinder profiles. She has nothing much going on in her life, so she loves her job, it is sad.

      I still remember my great grandmother, and she was the most content woman I ever met. She lived through 2 world wars, famine, ethnic cleansing, and having her husband locked up by the Communist regime. I guess living through this much shit will make you grateful for good times. Hence, it brings me to thinking that given the state of women today, why as men should we have any ambitions because I mean, what has this ever won us? I try to keep in shape, wear expensive Italian cloths and all I pull are party girls that just wanna have fun. The problem is these girls are enjoying my dick more than I enjoy their nani. And like having kids with them is not possible. And girls are wondering why guys just don’t wanna do shit anymore? Where have all the good men gone? They gone fishing, catching that catfish is better than getting catfished on Tinder by some mediocre modern woman.

      You realize that you owe this society nothing, and as a man the girls need you only for sex and money. And not even that sometimes. I realized that I cannot expect more from women, so I stopped playing the game.


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