Ukraine Compiled a Shit List of Americans That Are Assumed to Work for Russia

I honestly can’t believe their local norms would be applied in America. They included Rand Paul,Tulsi Gabbard and Glen Greenwald from what I understand…

3 thoughts on “Ukraine Compiled a Shit List of Americans That Are Assumed to Work for Russia

  1. Including me too. I work part time for China too. I work two jobs. I’m a hustler.

    Seriously though, Ukraine probably think too highly of themselves. They think they can dictate US internal policies like that. This is just pure comedy.

    Then again, it’s hard to say, as it’s entirely possible for Sleepy Joe to actually buy into that bullshit. As long as it’s cool with the elites, everything is on the table, including dissing the US politicians. You know how I know? It was way before the anti-Trump hysteria took place, when I had a debate with some anti-China dumb ass who talked about how Japan was the actual anti-American country in Asia instead of China, and US should apologize to Japan for what happened back in the 80s, as Japan was being anti-American “for the right reason”, and work together to fuck China over. From the looks of things, they may say the same about the Nazi in the near future. Wonder when can Russia or China being portrayed as “being anti-American for the right, noble reason” and having them gabacho going on that disgusting pseudo-romantic, Gandhi-wannabe, rants (then proceed to diss whoever they wanna diss at that time). Maybe an alien invasion or something will make that happen. Lol.

    A bit off topic, but I really think that gabacho should learn to watch what they say when it comes to me. They think Asians in general are easy to bullshit, which unfortunately, is largely true. However, not all of us are that easy to manipulate. The more they show their asses to me, the more I know what they’re made of. I dunno about my fellow kinds, but I don’t buy into their fucking bullshit. They gotta try harder when it comes to gaslighting and emotional manipulation.

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    1. America is so dominant economically and culturally that anti-Americanism among non-Americans can actually be self affirming. I personally tend to give my friends guidance on America, and try to maintain their anti-Americanism in healthy boundaries if it surfaces. Bottom line is, here is not America, and that does not mean America is all bad.

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      1. Truth to be told, I don’t think the old fashion, “let America burn” type of anti-Americanism can solve the problem. Many of those nationalist type of Chinese tends to be into that shit, but it’s irrelevant. Sure, there’s something deeply wrong with US fundamental values, but by throwing a hissy fist, one may just play right into the hands of American elites. Observation skills and spotting strength and weakness is something treasurous to have, and from what I can see, US elites are very adept at turning hissy fists into something beneficial to them. Shit even Trump had turn into part of the swamp, without him nor his supporters realizing any of it. We’re dealing with skilled manipulators here. Now, in order to make it right, I think that by having Americans ask themselves about what they actually want and who or what is the source of their anger, would be a good starting point.


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