3 thoughts on “LMAO, Stephen King Suddenly Discovered Bandera

  1. Stephen King needs to stick to writing and leaves politics alone. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And now, as for Trudeau, if a national leader can’t even figure out things like that, then he/she probably shouldn’t be in the office. This is the exact problem with the Western world; it’s ran by opinionated retards, who lead a pack of man-children they created themselves. The liberal politicians lead the man-children with a huge smile on their faces; the conservatives may bitch about it, but still willing to carry out their agenda; I swear I’ve lost count on how many of the supposedly based men who defend the complete faggots and cucks. How come it’s so hard for them to figure out that their efforts won’t gain them love nor appreciation?

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    1. Maybe the conservatives exist just to provide opposition to the progressives. You know the system is geared towards destructive leftist narratives because the conservative world of strong families, strong individuals, and strong communities is not good for business. There is no money to be made on people that are content. The system needs to project the idea of conservatives being losers because it further amplifies the issue. They cannot make conservatism into something attractive.

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      1. If it’s up to me, I say conservatives need to stop viewing themselves as some kind of protectors. Personally, I hate carrying dead weights. But most conservatives do like to carry dead weights. It’s almost like…mother instincts, for lack of better words. They need to understand that they’re dealing with a crowd that’s not worth saving nor protecting. Be easy on themselves! That way, they get to make friends in other direction and who knows? Maybe even mind fuck the liberals…there are always the weak spot in every groups. Focus on lifting up the rejects and tell them to fuck liberals…oh and while at it, leave foreign countries out of their talking points, because let’s face it; when it comes to China or, let’s say, Iran or even Venezuela for that matter, they often don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. Only a few bright ones who actually make some decent point or two, but for the rest? It’s the usual democracy, human rights bullshit. The same bullshit liberals are about. Just crush liberals and point out how they’re the biggest and most ridiculous mother fuckers out there and they have no rights to call conservatives crybabies – because that’s what liberals do when their policies fail and create economic disaster. And as for the rest, they have no ideas how much in common they have with us. We shouldn’t be fighting like this. Because at the end, liberals are the biggest winners out of this whole deal. Cut down on the mother instincts and leave the other countries alone then they’ll be fine.


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