Russian is Still the Dominant Language in Ukraine

Remember this blog’s central thesis “Russian is the dominant language in Ukraine”, which claims 80% of Ukrainian linguistic space is occupied by the Russian language. The other day these graphs were sent to me:

It would seem that Ukrainian has gained a little, however, since publishing my thesis, several things have occurred. First off, now all media and businesses must publish their stuff in Ukrainian, This obviously will increase the share of posts in Ukrainian by a considerable amount. But even with this, and not counting Donbas and Crimea, Russian still occupies more than 50% of the Ukrainian linguistic space.

Shnur: Sobchak is an Old Horse With a Lot of Mileage

LMAO, Shnur is a savage but he too sucks…

Ksenia Sobchak has reacted in Instagram to the new song of Sergey Shnur “Shmarofon”, in which he called her an “old horse” with a “decent mileage” and is turning from a “mare” into a “nag”. Sobchak called Shnur a “debased alcoholic”, and likened his face to a “wrinkled arse”.

Ksenia Sobchak

Sergey Shnur:

So, I do not know what is actually worse, the purported alcoholism of Shnurov (aka Shnur) or the mileage of Sobchak?

All Ukrainians are Rebranded Russians

So I have a video on my YouTube channel of an elderly West Ukrainian gentleman that says there weren’t any Ukrainians around before the break up of the Austrian Empire in 1918. I titled it in Russian: Ukrainians did not exist under Kaiser. Here is a translated transcript:

Interviewer: Tell me! Under Austrian rule, did your parents consider themselves to be Ukrainians?

Interviewee: We Ukrainians did not exist under the Austrian rule. Back then, the official nomenclature was Ruthenians, however colloquially the name was Rusyns. And we called ourselves Rusyns. And only when Austria broke up in 1918, we began calling ourselves Ukrainians. But until then, we considered ourselves to be Rusyns.

Every Ukrainian is also either a Rusyn or Maloross (Little Russian). He shares kinship with Greater Russians, that is people of the Russian Federation. However, due to centuries of foreign rule, a creole culture has developed there, which gave to some the idea that they are different. Without going much into how the ethnonym Ukrainian appeared, the term Ukrainian has stuck. I personally do not mind defining myself as part Ukrainian. My Ukrainian grandad was one of the best people I met in my life, we went fishing together, and he was very crafty.

But every Ukrainian has an ancestor that shared a connection to Rus through his ancestors. What is Rus? It is an antiquated name for Russia. Russia or Rusiya first appeared in Arabic texts, from there it was adopted by the by the Byzantines, and other European nations. It entered the Russian language through Byzantium, and Rus became the old designation, whereas Russia was the new. Today if anyone wants to sound antiquated he uses the term Rus for Russia.

That said, I do not want the Ukrainian creole culture to perish and be replaced by the Greater Russian variant. Out of the Slavic languages I enjoy Slovak and Ukrainian the most. My mother says they sound so rural but that is the beauty of them. They are better because they are melodic and smooth, unlike Czech, or Russian. The Czechs and Russians had a statehood from the Middle Ages, and the Ukrainians and Slovaks are modern nations based off peasant cultures, that’s why their songs are something…

Ukrainians should feel kinship with the rest of Russia, not meaning the Russian Federation but historical Russia, Holy Russia.

Over 30, No Husband, What to Do?

This is a satire, it is 2022, and I do not care how you feel….

Over thirty? Men play you? Hit the Wall? Achieved INFERTILITY? Baby daddy ran? Men run from you? Cats stink up the house?


It will remove all the problems. Mass lobotomization of leftover women will remove a lot of hate, feminism, cats. You know what I am thinking? The World will be a better place without those things, and you will still be there.

But what do we do with the children of single mothers? Child protective services are always here to help in the civilized West.

But these lobotomized women would need to be taken care of?

These men will take care of you:

America is ripe for a beta uprising…

There Weren’t any Ukrainians Before the Break up of Austria in 1918

Let me continue the topic [see here] of Ukrainians not existing before the Great War. I have recently uploaded a short video featuring an unknown, West Ukrainian, elderly gentleman, which I titled in Russian There weren’t any Ukrainian under the Kaiser (the Austrian Emperor). Let’s check out the contents, here is a transcript.

The interviewer:

Tell us, during the Austrian rule, did your parents consider themselves to be Ukrainians?

The interviewee:

We Ukrainians did not exist back then during the Austrian rule. Back then, the official nomenclature was “Ruthenians”, and otherwise the name was “Rusyns”. And we all called each other “Rusyns”. And only after 1918, when Austria broke up, we began calling ourselves Ukrainians. Until then it was considered that we were all Rusyns.

Bathory under Pskov. Antonio Possevino in black.

Rusyny or Rusyns, as I anglicise it, is a term that means a man of Rus’, a Russian. Before suffering a rebranding in the twentieth century, the ancestors of the Ukrainians were known as Rusyns in what is now Western Ukraine, and as Malorossy (Little Russians) in Ukraine proper. To my knowledge, the first person that suggested there is a separate ethnic identity called Ukrainians was, to my knowledge, the historian, Nikolay (Ukrainian: Mykola) Kostomarov, who wrote the essay Две русския народности (two Russian ethnicities). The term was used in the early modern period to denote the Polish gentry (I may be descended of those according to a family legend) and Cossacks in Central Dnieper area. A video on my channel by Mikhail Onufrienko says that the Poles began referring to the entire area of South-Western Rus’ as “Ukraine” (borderland) at the suggestion of Papal Legate, Antonio Possevino, to divide the lands of Rus’. However, this was not accepted by the people.

The Readers should know that in the nineteenth century, the area known as Ukraine was much more limited and there did not exist an ethnicity called Ukrainians. Also, when Taras Shevchenko mentions Ukraine in his poems, it is the Ukraine you see above that he mentions.

The most important point to take away from this is that Ukraine is an ahistorical entity. Ukraine’s statehood begins in the time of the Great War, 1917 more precisely, when the first entity named Ukraine was formed, following the February Revolution. Ukraine’s legitimacy is based on a peasant vernacular codified into the Ukrainian language, a mixture of Polish and Old Russian, and perhaps some historical geography, where the Ukrainian nation is said to live in the territories that belonged to Poland before the division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the late eighteenth century + areas settled by the Russian Empire in nineteenth century along the Black Sea coast with populations originating from these formerly Polish territories. The detail one needs to remember is that the peasant vernacular was never the language of the cities. Cities in the East and South of Ukraine were established by the Russian tsars and were consequently Russian speaking, and cities in the West of Ukraine were Polish speaking. Lvov was a Polish city until World War II.

The latter is where the stereotype of Ukrainian being a language of country bumpkins comes from. The Svidomite Ukrainians find this offensive, and another thing they find offensive is their old ethnonym “Maloross”, Little or Lesser Russian. They show their rural ignorance here as well because Maloross was an ecclesiastical designation. In the Greek understanding, Little referred to Greece Proper and Greater to the colonies. In Poland, the Greater Poland meant the center, and Lesser Poland meant the province. The only reason why the Ukrainian nationalists chose the name Ukraine for the new nation they sought to create is that it lacks any connection to Russia. However once they severed the connection to Russia, they need a new narrative to explain their existence. Let’s see how they cope?

As a trained historian, I would suggest to them to explore the linguistic origins of the Ukrainian language, and tie its origins to the history of occupation of Western Russia by foreigners. Then continue with a discussion of the Ukrainian movement in the nineteenth and twentieth century, what motivated it, what were the ideas surrounding it? The ethnogenesis of Ukrainians is hiding in these processes. But that is not what the Svidomites are doing. Instead they lie to children:

Rus-Ukraine the first Ukrainian state

They lie to children about the Old Rus’ being the first Ukrainian state, and they included Staraya Ladoga and Novgorod in it. What they do not realise that the Old Rus’ has its origins in the north, around Staraya Ladoga, and it was began by Swedish Vikings called Varangians in the east. The Primary Chronicle of Nestor tells us that these Vikings were invited by the Slavic tribes in the south, therefore Rus’ originated in the north and came to the territory of contemporary Ukraine from the north, not the other way around. The christianiser of Rus’, St. Vladimir, spent youth in Norway, and then came to Kiev from Novgorod. The Svidomite mythologisers create a fictitious called Rus’-Ukraine. Old Rus’ was really one of the first state formations on the territory of Ukraine (although that was only the Central and Western Ukraine of today, the Black Sea coast was controlled by Kipchak nomads) but it was not a Ukrainian state. Was it a Russian state? Yes, and the Russian Federation is its direct descendant, while the Ukraine is a mutinous province without historical statehood to derive its origins from.

Recently Alexey Arestovych suggested Ukraine rename itself into Rus-Ukraine, or Ukraina-Rus. To which Volodymyr Vyatrovych replied that putting Rus with Ukraine would just come out to foreigners as Ukraine and Russia. That is because Rus is Russia, and Ukraine is part of Russia. The debate on whether Ukraine is Russia or not are still raging today.

To illustrate how much the Ukrainian officialdom is in the grips of myths and lies about history, check out this initiative by the Lvov and Kiev city councils. Not so long ago, they decided to rename the Russian Federation into Moscovia, believing that Peter the Great renamed Moscovia into Russian Empire in 1721. What actually happened in 1721 is that Peter the Great assumed the title of All-Russian Emperor, and thus the Russian Empire was born. Previously, Russia’s rulers held the title Tsar of All Russia, and before that Grand Duke of All Russia.

Moscovia, from which comes the English word, Muscovy, was a designation employed particularly in Poland and Lithuania that ruled over part of Russia, and laid claim to the entirety of Russia. The Kiev and Lvov representatives must think that if Ukraine was unfortunately named by the Poles, then Greater Russia, or what is now the Russian Federation must suffer the same kind of rebranding.

To wrap up, every Ukrainian is at the same time a Russian because his ancestors were Russians. Ukrainians are defined purely on their language, which is a local patois of Old Russian and Polish. Maybe this is why the government there is so hostile against the Russian language.

The Ever-amazing Wonders of Bolshevik Nation Building

On this blog, I have been talking a lot about the soviet policy of Korenizatsiya, which essentially created the Ukrainians out of West Russians, however, little was I aware how messed up the same policy was in Central Asia, where also unprecedented nations were created out of other nations. For instance, the country in focus currently, Kazakhstan, was created out of the Kyrgyz people. The populations of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are linguistically and culturally barely distinguishable from each other, and it bears a question why these two nations were divided?

I have recently noted that Kazakhstan is assuming the political culture of neighbouring Kyrgyzstan. But I did not realise how geographically close Almaty (the Soviet capital of Kazakhstan, formerly “Verny” – a town built by Russians) is from the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. Cross border cultural exchange is apparent here, after all, the border is arbitrary, and should not really be there. Much like the border between Russia and Ukraine.

Santa was Green, Like Russia

Red coated Santa was apparently used first in marketing in America. Before that, Santa wore all types of coats, green for instance:

While the Russian Empire was marked in red in some maps from the Romanov times, the Green Color was considered the one in which the Empire ought to be marked in.

Marking Russia in red is inspired by the Soviet flag. Make Russia Green Again. Also build a Pleistocene habitat in Siberia with woolly mammoth. Make Mammoths Shit in Siberia Again.

Putin Voices a Claim I was Promoting for Last Decade Through my Blogging

In his recent press conference, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin repeated a central thesis of my old blog Austere Insomniac, and that is Ukraine was created by the Bolsheviks. He said that Ukraine was territorially created out of Russian lands by comrade Lenin. Svidomites in Ukraine went into hysteria, and have displayed their historical illiteracy, and inability to listen. I get it, the modern age is too fast and neurotic. Some, like Sternenko, of Right Sector fame, said Kievan Rus existed before Moscow was even founded. That is true, but first of all, it was Rus, and also St. Vladimir came to Kiev from Novgorod, now in the Russian Federation. Rus Began around Lake Ladoga, also in the Russian Federation. Moscow was founded by the Kievan Prince Yuri Dolgoruki. If anything, Kievan Rus only reinforces Putin’s arguments.

A more smarter answer came from Mikhalchishyn, of VO Svoboda and Azov battalion fame, he said that the founders of Ukraine were Hrushevsky, Vynichenko, Petlyura and Mikhnovsky. Very different personages to be honest, however. Let’s analyze the names. Mikhailo Hrushevsky was the president of UNR (Ukrainian People’s Republic). It should be noted here that Putin did not speak about UNR, UNR was a state in Central and Western Ukraine. Petlyura’s Directoria was also active only in Central Ukraine. The Bolsheviks in Moscow territorially formed Ukraine independent of UNR, or whatever other abortive attempts at Ukrainian statehood.

The Bolsheviks added the Black Sea Coast, Crimea, Donbas, and Halychyna, Transcarpathia, and Volhynia in the West. So it is no understatement that the Bolsheviks created Ukraine territorially. Also, the Ukrainian identity was created through the policy of Korenizatsiya. It was a nation building policy imposed by Stalin on a population that didn’t really need it in my opinion. In Austrian Halychyna, during WWI, people defining as Russians were put in concentration in camps in Thalerhof and Theresin in Bohemia and Austria. Ukraine was created through a lot of suffering and unfreedom for people that do not subscribe to the Ukrainian script. I should add that the aforementioned Hrushevsky first served the Austrian government in implementing a state policy of conversion of West Russians to Ukrainians, and the latter moved back to Ukraine, and later served Stalin. Ukraine was created through the state policy of the Bolsheviks and the Habsburgs, and in both cases this was a crime against the Russian people.

Unless Ukrainians acknowledge their own origins, they will suffer neurosis indefinitely, and will be forever trolled by the Russians. It will be an endless show of Ukrainians trying to trip over themselves in an attempt to explain their existence. This khokhlosrach will never end! Although if Ukraines was ever to calm down, the Russians are perfectly willing to accept their Ukrainian identity because at the end of the day, it is of no consequence.

Update: I should add Stalin made Ukraine a founding member of the UN, this is how much the Bolsheviks created and legitimized Ukraine. How much has any other regime done for Ukraine in comparison?

Polish Foreign Ministry Complains About the Treatment of Polish People in Ukraine

The season is over, and I have free time to dedicate to this blog again. And I would like to introduce a new thesis to this blog. “UKRAINE DOES NOT HAVE ANY FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURS”. However, Ukraine has a perfect geographical location that it absolutely does not exploit. I think we have a case of Peremoha & Zrada, they are the two sides of the karbovanets coin. While Ukraine was gifted this perfect location by fate, or Bolsheviks, the regime there chose radical nationalism and cannot make any use of the advantages Ukraine has in any way. Similarly, the system favours a narrow orientation towards the West, which makes things even more complicated. It is like having a perfect graphics card but running old drivers for it. Outdated, caveman nationalism is hampering Ukrainian relations on all fronts.

The other day, the Polish foreign ministry complained about the treatment of Poles in Ukraine. The Polish deputy of the Polish foreign minister, Szymon Szynkowski said that the Poles in Ukraine are discriminated on the basis of religion, access to education, and freedom of speech. He also mentioned that in Ukraine, people responsible for genocide of the West Ukrainian Polish population are being glorified in Ukraine. The latter has long been a major complaint of Poles towards Ukraine. However, complaints about the treatment of coethnics in Ukraine has so far been the preserve of Hungary.

You see, Ukraine lacks friendly relations with any of its neighbours, despite having a perfect geographical location that it could exploit to the fullest.