7 thoughts on “Of Orcs and Elves

  1. In another word, just like the case with Taiwan where the pseudo-Americanized, hypersexualized local culture seems to be a mockery of Chinese culture, the way of Ukrainian is a mockery Russian language and culture.

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    1. Granted though, Taiwan never underwent demandaization the same way Ukraine suffered derussification. The Taiwanese authorities never traded the promotion of Mandarin in favour of local vernacular. This is why Taiwan is a high tech super developed and Ukraine is a shithole.


      1. There were some tension between the old fishermen settlers from Southeastern China aka most of the Taiwanese you see , and the KMT refugees who don’t speak Hokkien. I heard they also think about making English one of the official languages, but none of them haven’t made that into laws. Ukraine seems to be way too impulsive about that shit for their own good compares to the case of Taiwan, and that’s why Ukraine keeps eating shit sandwich.

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      2. I think the elite in Ukraine wants the populace to eat shit, be uneducated, and poor. This way the elite can exploit them easily as a resource, while they themselves grow rich beyond belief. This whole nationalism schtick is a tool of control.

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  2. This is just some food of thoughts:

    There’s the elites who’re obviously corrupted and make a really cheesy attempt at disguising their shits, if there’s any attempt at all. All they do is to take advantage of certain already existing sentiment in the country or even just a small fraction of the country, to gain supporter base while establishing a complex network of goons who fight for them. Ukrainian elites are such cases.

    Then there’s the elites who use the tactic of dumbing down of children through some really ass backward methods and use the resulting social pressure to silence any opposition, while acting all altruistic and everything and yet at the same time, getting all smug about Americans and Europeans yet still going by their agenda. The elites among “democratic” part of Asia belongs to such type.

    Personally, I prefer to deal with the former. You know those elites are assholes and the general populations are not that deluded but are just too scared to say what’s real. In this case, there’s a sense of hope. It may be small, but it’s there. Who knows? Eventually, a tiny spark can turn into a wildfire and with right timing and/or right help, the asshole elites can be overthrown.

    As opposed to the disgusting, hypocritical, kewpie mayo on the labia bullshit from the democratic East Asian elites. The elites really do believe their own bullshit and they really believe that US has their back and being embraced in liberalism/all that fuck-me-please sense of fashion/kiddie yet perverted and brutal “physical disciplinary” are signs of progress or at least what leads to progress. Combine it with a mainstream population who’re so unbelievably guilt tripped and how a great chunk of them actually believe that authority figures are there to protect them. You actually have to break things down one by one just to explain the basics to them and shits exhausting AF I swear! At the end of the day, there are temper flaring everywhere and my face smells like love juice AND still nobody gets the point. I thought PRC is bad, until I used my fake Taiwanese Reddit account to actually see how it is to be on the other side as one of the locals. I feel bad for them in some ways, I truly do! Also, I can see Japaneses and Koreans are also kinda like that (from what I can see, Japanese are actually better than Koreans and 100 times better than Taiwanese and Hong Kongers on this one, but from the disgruntled Japanese I’ve talked to, they don’t seem to know who to trust…hey it’s better than remaining the status quo though). There’s a reason why East Asia is meant to be colonies rather than actual countries. This does bring up some interesting points though: what did the non-China part of East Asia do to brainwash its populations so effectively? Sure, things in China can suck sometimes, but everybody knows it and nobody gets as holier-than-thou as the other parts of East Asia. Shit even Europeans and Muricans seem to have a bit better awareness than the non-Chinese East Asians. This is something interesting to look into.

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      1. I’d say it’s more about what US wants them to be rather than the full cultural package. They want someone to do their works and/or made easy to dominate, so they don’t have to drop much sweats. It’s never in the West’s interests to have non-Western world to accept Western cultural package fully. You can tell by liberal’s idea of that Rubik’s Cube style of race relationship, and the contemporary conservatives cracking down on Asia’s development (ironically, I thought conservatives may provide some real answers back in the good ol’ 2016, but now I see them as little more than a really feeble excuse of damage prevention, to prevent liberals from going too far). To top it off, I believe being theocratic societies may have made the effects even worse. I mean, when you really look into Confucianism, it’s probably one of the most theocratic form of philosophies out there and to make it worse, it’s done on a very personal basis through the concept of piety. If they make it a habit of looking at their superiors as Gods, it’s completely possible for them to look at their occupiers as one too (given enough time and a very through ass whooping that is).

        Here’s the most ironic part out of all of these: the region was actually trying to get rid of that shit too. China was trying to be more through about it, while Japan was trying to do what the Gulf Arabs have been doing: making their cultures more compatible with modernity. However, WW2 happened, Japan got its ass whooped and KMT got its asses handed to them by Mao and at the end, it’s only PRC and rest of the miserable East Asians, who worshipped what they perceived as American-ness as some kind of God.

        I think it’s vitally important that East Asians in general can understand there’s no such thing as living God or living Devil for that matter. To view a living human being/beings as that good or that evil for that matter, is extremely unhealthy.

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