Facebook and Other Social Media Are Not For Me

So, I have had Facebook for several weeks and I already received two strikes for alleged bullying. I just can’t help myself but fat people, and slags with heavy make up just make me angry…

Well, I hurt their feefees, that does not change their ugly hypostasis. And these people deserve to have their confidence shattered. Why do we tolerate obesity, and sluts? This culture where everyone needs to feel good only leads to degeneracy. I can’t watch that. This is why you don’t see me on Instagram or TikTok.

5 thoughts on “Facebook and Other Social Media Are Not For Me

  1. Well, I’m still on VK. After being Fuckbook free for more than a year, other than to post my VK content on my wall and to comment on friends’ posts, I actually feel a bit more refreshing and more willing to try new things, even though there’s always a sense of uncertainty. The way I see it, Fuckbook is kind of like WoW and RuneScape in many ways; on one hand, the contents are lame AF and you can get banned for some of the dumbest shit imaginable. And despite all its flaws, it’s highly addictive and it can sap away your motivation, and I believe it’s because the nature of Fuckbook tend to make some people feel a bit empowered – you can keep being on there and feel powerful, but in real life, nothing gets done. I don’t recommend too much Fuckbook usage to anyone who’s trying to set their lives right and get their shit together.

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      1. Anger management issues eh? Yeah, being exposed to Fuckbook, or Tumblr, TikTok and Instagram for that matter, tend to cause one to suffer from it.

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