Jakub Janda Calls to Arms Czech Patriots

Read about our pornstar hero with a Chinese tattoo, so that you get better equipped to understand this post…

Screenshot 2019-03-19 at 21.17.26.png
WE ARE LOOKING FOR PATRIOTS: As you probably know, the past four years we have been engaged in mapping and uncovering of Russian influence in the Czech Republic, and in wider Central European Region. Our programme, the Kremlin Watch, is one of the main mobilisation drivers against this peril in our country.  Many good people work for us, from Kiev to Berlin. We are working as far as Georgia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. Now we are expanding our team for work in wider Central Europe. We are opening several vacancies, part time and full time. We are not looking for people, who like what we are doing. We are looking for everyday, silent heroes, who want to dedicate all their heart to the construction of defence against the Russian peril. It is not a job for everyone. It is a job for those that don’t want to just cry over over how bad things are over here. It is a fight for those patriots who know what we are defending, and are ready to dedicate themselves to it full steam. If you know anyone like that please let me know.

Meanwhile, I discovered a document which is a decision to expel Janda from university for plagiarism. I shall only translate the given reason:

He transgressed against the ruling of the (rector of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Charles University). That is, citations and quoting of sources, rulings against plagiarism. Because he handed in his work on the topic of “Social Network Facebooks as a platform of mass communications and the extent of its use by selected Czech political parties”, contains exact translations from the undergraduate work of Jan Perla, “Czech political parties on Facebook.”

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