Putler on Ukrainian Identity and Russo-Ukrainian Integration

I watched this Russian report on Oliver Stone’s new movie about Ukraine, “Ukraine: the Untold Story”. It contains a segment in which Putin explains his position on Ukrainian identity and his vision for the integration of the two countries…

I translate:

“I actually think, [the Ukrainians and Russians] are a single people, with a common history,  religion, there are many connections between the people, that is [even] familial connections. Meanwhile, if a significant part of the people in Ukraine consider they need to underscore their identity, fight for this, nobody in Russia has anything against this. Neither am I against it. We are simply saying that because we have a lot in common, we can use it as our competitive edge, provided there are particular integration processes.”

Oliver Stone’s film was supposed to have been aired in Ukraine on the 112 TV channel. The building of the TV station was shot at from a mortar recently, and the airing pulled from the broadcast.

Vitaliy Portnikov says Ukraine was Created by the Bolsheviks

I watched the above video, it is in Russian, Vitaliy Portnikov, a public figure in Ukraine talks on BBC Russian. And this is part of what he said… 

Ukraine was not created by Ukrainians but by Bolsheviks, who created it in such a way that she may never become independent…

The implications of this are far reaching. Not to mention it does conform to some views I hold. Read my previous article here.

In the Carpathians, they are Building the Largest Tryzub in Ukraine and Perhaps in the World

The Tryzub is the national symbol of Ukraine featured in the coat of arms. Espresso reports:

On the Pertsy Plain in Yablunitsa, Ivano-Frankivsk region, they are building out of wood a unique, patriotic attraction. They want it to enter the Book of Records of Ukraine

It was reported on the Facebook page of the Pertsy Plain.

“Please friends, tell us how to enter the Book of Records of Ukraine. We are creating the largest Tryzub in Ukraine and perhaps in the World.” -it says in the post.

The construction works have already begun. The people are actively giving advice in the comments on how to register your entry in the Book of Records.

“We have records of larges tryzubs, therefore I can answer your question, if I knew what size the authors have in mind. In any case, I wish you successful completion of your idea,” -a representative of the Book of Records of Ukraine answered on Facebook.

The height should be 15 meters…im-Polonyna_Perci_2.jpg

Is Russian the Dominant Language in Ukraine?

This will be a bit of troll post… but you are free to prove my data wrong.

Roughly ten years ago, in 2008, Gallup conducted a study in FSU, where they offered the respondents to complete a survey, either in the native language, or in Russian. Look at how Ukrainian faired:

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 16.42.09.png

83% of respondents opted to do the survey in Russian.

And now check out what Google Trends tells us. If you compare the word “Ukraine”, first spelled in Ukrainian, that is “Україна”, and then spelled in Russian, that is “Украина”:


You can try it yourself at Google Trends, and you will get similar results. Google Trends data correlate with the findings of Gallup.

There is a reason why Ukrainian requires quotas on radio and tv, why teaching in foreign languages like Russian or Hungarian is legislated against, and why so little quality literature comes out in Ukrainian. And we may be seeing that reason above…