A Svidomite 8th Grade Geography Textbook Recommended by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education

For those who don’t know. Svidomite is a word that comes from the Ukrainian word for consciousness, national consciousness, which in Ukraine takes rather absurd forms…

Geography, P.O. Maslyak and C.L.Kapirulina

This 8th grade textbook, which is recommended by the Ministry of Education says Belorussians are not Slavs…

The Slavic speaking Russians have Ugro-Finnic roots… those closest to them by language, Bulgarians have Turkic roots. Those closest to Ukrainians by language, Belorussians, and Poles also have differing genetic origins, the Poles come from Slavs, Belorussians come from the Balts.

Also says, Halychyna (also sometimes written as Galicia, region in Western Ukraine and Eastern Poland) has genetically enriched the World.

The Ancient Indian language Sanskrit is close to Ukrainian. Also, geographical names (toponyms) of Western, and Southern places and people such as Galatia, Galilee, France (Gaul), Spanish Galicia, or Portugal (Portu-Gal) shows with certainty that the ancestors of contemporary French, Spanish, Portuguese, Jews and Turks could have arrived in these place from Halychyna.

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