Czech Senators Debate Whether to Boycott the Upcoming Olympics in China

Exotibetism is deeply embedded in Czech politics…

The Czech senate is literally a parasite institution that needs to be abolished. Such a small country does not need two chambers of parliament. Several notorious senators have launched a human rights concern competition in the senate over the ethics of attending the upcoming Winter Olympic Games held in Beijing in 2022.

A rabidly Rusophobic senator, Pavel Fischer said that: “The olympic ideals are unfortunately tarnished by some unpleasant historical experience. Olympics were held in Germany on the eve of the Second World War. Olympics were held in Sochi at a time when Moscow military operation in Crimea.”

Pavel Fischer

I actually recall that while the Olympics were held in Sochi, an anti-Russian festival was held in Kiev, which eventually led to violence and flight of the legitimate president. Neonazis with baseball bats occupied the Ukrainian parliament. That is when the people of Crimea said “enough!”, and received support from Moscow.

Fischer continued: “In 2008, China held Olympics and promised they will be opened and friendly. But we all know that at this time screws were tightened not only against the citizens but journalists too.” I do not understand what gives us the moral high ground to criticise anyone over the treatment of citizens or journalists?

Do you actually ever see China, Russia, Belarus or any other non-Western country calling for boycott of sporting events over human rights concerns, concerns for repressed protesters, journalists? Note that such information campaigns are only a staple of the West. It is a silly display of self harm over failed Maidans like the one in Belarus last Summer. Imagine Russia depriving its sports men and women of an event over Black Lives Matter or Julian Assange? I don’t think they would find any understanding.

Václav Láska, already a star of this blog, said: “I am irritated by sports organisations that tell us not to leave politics out of sports. There are also higher principles out there. The approach that some country will be awarded the Olympic Games and the human rights in that country will improve has failed. The awarding of the Olympics was a mistake.” Láska is angry at other sporting organisations like FIFA regularly award sporting events in countries with a dictatorial government, where human rights are being abused.

They need to consult Freedom House before making a decision but ultimately these are sporting events that are attended by athletes, who have the best years of their lives, the one window of opportunity to win gold. To be deprived of this because some democracy fetishist politicians are butthurt about failed Maidans is, well, despicable. It seems the Czech senators are reacting to Nancy Pelosi’s call for a political boycott of the olympics. That is, politicians should not attend to give the Chinese regime legitimacy.

The senators became interested in the Chinese Olympics next year because of the situation in Tibet and alleged human rights abuses against the Uighurs. Actually, I am wondering how many of the Czech Exotibetans can find Tibet on the map?

You Fools, Rosatom Will Build Nuclear Reactors in China Instead!

I am watching an online press conference between Putin and Xi, and Chinese and Russian nuclear sector workers, and I am thinking about my little country that has just rejected Rosatom over a hoax…

Chinese nuclear development truly cannot be halted by fake news hysteria such as the one generated by outlandish charges in the Vrbětice explosions affair. That’s why the Russians will always find business in the World’s largest economy, and the Czechs are welcome to have their nuclear power plants built by whomever else. The reality of the situation however is that the Czechs do not have a better energy alternative than nuclear reactors built by Rosatom…

China Sent a Business Delegation to Crimea

Ukrainian Member of the Rada, Vadim Rabinovich wrote the following on his Facebook:

China’s reply to Ukraine’s stance on the “Motor Sich”.

The Chinese have long maintained their neutrality on the issue of Crimea. However, they have suddenly “changed their mind” and have dispatched there a representative committee headed by the members of the Beijing Export-Import Commission to “establish partnership”. The Chinese businessmen have, together with local authorities, agreed to establish contacts with local companies, they have presented an action plan in the area of tourism and health tours for Chinese citizens. They are also ready to invest in the hotel industry.


RIA Novosti reports the Crimean Minister of Economic Development confirmed a visit of Chinese businessmen took place.

Motor Sich is a Ukrainian factory that makes engines for airplanes. A large share in the company was recently sold by its private owners to Chinese investors. The Ukrainian government, likely under pressure from America, sanctioned the Chinese investors, and said this is a matter of national security.

It begs a question, whose national security? Ukraine’s or America’s? The governments of the East European countries seem to have made American economic and security issues their own. A perfect colonial relationship.

Ukrainian Newspaper Blames Putler for Coronavirus

Remeber folks, Putler, and Russia are guilty of everything under the Sun…

The Russian Origin of the Coronavirus: the Government Doesn’t Always say the Truth

In some media, information has appeared that the Chinese may not be directly responsible for the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan. They are suspecting that it may have originated in Russia, and mutated in China.