You Fools, Rosatom Will Build Nuclear Reactors in China Instead!

I am watching an online press conference between Putin and Xi, and Chinese and Russian nuclear sector workers, and I am thinking about my little country that has just rejected Rosatom over a hoax…

Chinese nuclear development truly cannot be halted by fake news hysteria such as the one generated by outlandish charges in the Vrbětice explosions affair. That’s why the Russians will always find business in the World’s largest economy, and the Czechs are welcome to have their nuclear power plants built by whomever else. The reality of the situation however is that the Czechs do not have a better energy alternative than nuclear reactors built by Rosatom…

4 thoughts on “You Fools, Rosatom Will Build Nuclear Reactors in China Instead!

  1. It’s actually good for both China and Russia though. China needs more of them so it can combat pollution more effectively. For Czech Republic, I’m not gonna pretend I know too much about the inner politics, but I really believe that it’s wise for Zeman to do some seeding. Zeman needs to find ways to get rid of all the Russophobic NGO and think tanks as well as the politicians they’ve installed into the government. It might sounds undemocratic, but that might be the only way to get over this Vrbetice nonsense.


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