You Fools, Rosatom Will Build Nuclear Reactors in China Instead!

I am watching an online press conference between Putin and Xi, and Chinese and Russian nuclear sector workers, and I am thinking about my little country that has just rejected Rosatom over a hoax…

Chinese nuclear development truly cannot be halted by fake news hysteria such as the one generated by outlandish charges in the Vrbětice explosions affair. That’s why the Russians will always find business in the World’s largest economy, and the Czechs are welcome to have their nuclear power plants built by whomever else. The reality of the situation however is that the Czechs do not have a better energy alternative than nuclear reactors built by Rosatom…

Hungarian Way vs. Anal Way

Which way Visegrád man?

Václav Láska is a Czech senator, who suffers a serious case of cargo cult delusion. He toured the country few years ago giving speeches on how “the Czech Republic belongs to the West.” Above is his curious post, I translate:

The Hungarian way? The Hungarians are following only one way. How to become a vassal of Russia without the Warsaw Pact and the Comecon. Through Russian vaccines, through the construction of nuclear power plants by Rosatom. I would rather “go to the arse” than go the Hungarian way.

In Czech, the term “do prdele” to the arse is a common insult, identical in meaning to the Italian “va fan culo”.

Naturally, the responses to this magnificent tweet were often along the lines: “start packing suitcases.” I often responded to the suggestion that I should move to Russia with saying “you should move to arse, where you belong.”

I do not get what is wrong with Russians supplying a cure and keeping the lights on. And quite frankly, the choice between a “Hungarian way” and the arse can have more levels of meaning in our times.