Russia Brings Warmth and Light

Those were the words uttered by the Czech parliamentarian, Lubomír Volný. And they are eerily similar to those that I uttered while I was still trolling Twitter.

The construction is not hard to make when you think that a large part of the electricity in this country is generated by Russian TVEL (nuclear fuel) and the water in homes, middle class and wealthier ones at least, are heated by gas from Russia.

The Czech Republic is in midsts of a hysteria regarding the possible Russian involvement in the construction of new blocks at the nuclear plant Dukovany. The issue is acute, since the nuclear power plants in the country are aging.

Several years ago, the government wanted to construct several new blocks in Temelín, the younger of the two power plants in the country. I do not know what happened to the plans because I was in the UK back then. My information is, there was a media hysteria which buried the initiative.

Currently, the Russian bid for Dukovany is further endangered by a fanciful conspiracy theory about Petrov and Boshirov blowing up a munition storage. Hence the Dukovany project may go the way of a Dodo, I mean Temelín.

The US administration has been already heard that they do not wish to see the Russians building nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic. Serval years ago, the Americans tried to push their version of TVEL on the Czechs but due to technical problems, the Czechs went back to using Russian nuclear fuel.

It seems we have another case of Murica trying to cuck the economies of Eastern Europe.

I really hope the government will find an alternative to Rosatom and the nuclear plants in this country will eventually be built but I am afraid they will not. The Russians have the appropriate technology suited for Dukovany and Temelín. It is not clear the Americans can come up with something similar and for the same price. The rest of the Western bidders are even less hopeful. The Koreans seem good but they are a half World away.

What I think will actually happen is that the current government will chicken out of any plans for nuclear plants and come autumn, they will lose the elections due to people being fed up with the COVID measures. The people that will replace them will not be keen on building anything.

It is funny that the liberal democratic system that replaced communism will prove incapable of building nuclear power plants. Mind you, both nuclear power plants in the country were initiated by the communists. Eventually, I believe, the Czechs will have to close their nuclear plants and their coal plants too. What will be left, will be energy imports from neighboring nations.

The Americans are working hard to expel Russia from this region but other countries may also have an interest in keeping the Czech Republic from generating energy because in the end, they will become the suppliers. It would be really funny if Germany became the supplier of electricity and gas in the Czech Republic. Gas from Russia, and electricity generated by German gas plants running on Russian gas.

It is very unfortunate but I fear Mr. Volný will probably not grace the next parliament. He was kicked out of his home party some months ago, and the Czechs vote for parties not personalities. I voted for Mr. Volný in the European national elections.

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