Ukrainian Officials Have Gone Completely Bonkers on Identity Politics

Top Ukrainian officials allowed themselves displays of Svidomism that is scarcely fathomable…

First Alexey Arestovych said Ukraine should undergo a rebranding to Rus’-Ukraine to take the brand of Russians from Russia. I really wonder, what is wrong with Ukraine?

Mind you, the name Ukraine is rather modern too. It only gained circulation in the early 20th century. In a sense, back then the lands that are now Ukraine have undergone a rebranding. However, instead of being honest about their history, that is that the Ukraine is a result of emancipation of the creole culture created there through centuries of Polish rule, the Ukrainian nationalists such as the historian, Mikhailo Hrushevsky, who to my knowledge coined the hybrid term “Rus’-Ukraine”, began to usurp the rights to Old Rus’.

When it comes to Rus’, it was established by Swedish Vikings that were initially based in the north, in areas that are today part of the Russian Federation. Vladimir came to Kiev from the north, from Novgorod. The Ukrainians act as if the Russians have somehow stollen the rights to call themselves Russians.

From RT (hat tip: AK):

Alexey Arestovich, who works as the spokesman for Kiev’s delegation to the contact group on Donbass, claimed that Ukrainians are actually the real Russians.

Arestovych is a strange character. He was a blogger and a pick up artist before representing Ukraine in Minsk. But if a comedian can be a president, then all things are possible. Just do not expect anything highly intellectual from them.

Alexey Danilov, the head of the national security council, suggested to write the Ukrainian language in the Latin Script. This is utterly cargo cultish. Actually, the Cyrillic script is native to Slavs, and the switch to Latin script was always done when the German and Latin influence became dominant. In a sense, it would be a rejection of the Rus’ identity. The Cyrillic is a fusion of Greek and Glagolitic made specifically for Slavic languages. I am not certain such an initiative would be something Ukraine needs, it would create more problems than solve whatever the objectives this initiative has.

These initiatives from rather top Ukrainian officials are somewhere out of the realm of the absurd and betray an identity crisis in Ukraine. I have a solution, Kiev is the mother of all Russian cities and the Ukrainians are nothing but rebranded Russians, whose regional identity was used to manipulate them. However, as long as the Ukrainians continue to claim legacy of the Rus’, they cannot go against that legacy.

Your Favourite Russian Political Content Will Likely Migrate to Russian Websites Soon

This post is for those that watch and follow Russian language and pro-Russian content on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. I believe that very soon, you will only be able to watch and read this kind of content on Russian services like Yandex and RuTube…

A combo of Western censorship and Russian retaliatory measures will bring about this reality. Recently, because of the censorship of Russian content, the Roskomnadzor, the Russian government media watchdog, slowed down Twitter and similar can happen to YouTube. But before the notoriously slow Roskomnadzor comes around, censorship of Russian content will force content creators to migrate to other platforms, and you may have noticed that currently YouTube rarely offers Solovyov or RT, and that other Russian content creators complain about their videos being removed, their monetisation withdrawn and other problems.

One of my favourite YouTubers that I have known for 10 years, ever since he lived in Ukraine and wrote a blog, Yuri Podolyaka recently made the migration.

Russia Brings Warmth and Light

Those were the words uttered by the Czech parliamentarian, Lubomír Volný. And they are eerily similar to those that I uttered while I was still trolling Twitter.

The construction is not hard to make when you think that a large part of the electricity in this country is generated by Russian TVEL (nuclear fuel) and the water in homes, middle class and wealthier ones at least, are heated by gas from Russia.

The Czech Republic is in midsts of a hysteria regarding the possible Russian involvement in the construction of new blocks at the nuclear plant Dukovany. The issue is acute, since the nuclear power plants in the country are aging.

Several years ago, the government wanted to construct several new blocks in Temelín, the younger of the two power plants in the country. I do not know what happened to the plans because I was in the UK back then. My information is, there was a media hysteria which buried the initiative.

Currently, the Russian bid for Dukovany is further endangered by a fanciful conspiracy theory about Petrov and Boshirov blowing up a munition storage. Hence the Dukovany project may go the way of a Dodo, I mean Temelín.

The US administration has been already heard that they do not wish to see the Russians building nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic. Serval years ago, the Americans tried to push their version of TVEL on the Czechs but due to technical problems, the Czechs went back to using Russian nuclear fuel.

It seems we have another case of Murica trying to cuck the economies of Eastern Europe.

I really hope the government will find an alternative to Rosatom and the nuclear plants in this country will eventually be built but I am afraid they will not. The Russians have the appropriate technology suited for Dukovany and Temelín. It is not clear the Americans can come up with something similar and for the same price. The rest of the Western bidders are even less hopeful. The Koreans seem good but they are a half World away.

What I think will actually happen is that the current government will chicken out of any plans for nuclear plants and come autumn, they will lose the elections due to people being fed up with the COVID measures. The people that will replace them will not be keen on building anything.

It is funny that the liberal democratic system that replaced communism will prove incapable of building nuclear power plants. Mind you, both nuclear power plants in the country were initiated by the communists. Eventually, I believe, the Czechs will have to close their nuclear plants and their coal plants too. What will be left, will be energy imports from neighboring nations.

The Americans are working hard to expel Russia from this region but other countries may also have an interest in keeping the Czech Republic from generating energy because in the end, they will become the suppliers. It would be really funny if Germany became the supplier of electricity and gas in the Czech Republic. Gas from Russia, and electricity generated by German gas plants running on Russian gas.

It is very unfortunate but I fear Mr. Volný will probably not grace the next parliament. He was kicked out of his home party some months ago, and the Czechs vote for parties not personalities. I voted for Mr. Volný in the European national elections.

The Independent’s Moscow Correspondent is a Stupid Rabble Rouser

Oliver Carroll has allowed himself one of the most idiotic and uninformed comparisons on Twitter…

The term “animal show” was likely inspired by “zveriachi bobyt’ia” (animalistic beatings), a term coined by the Ukrainian media, who were almost ubiquitously for the Maidan. It was almost like the owners of the media supported what was happening in central Kiev. Also, the revolution was not just televised but it was properly organized with media support, buses, food, blankets, tents, portable toilets etc. Furthermore, the state apparatus was paralyzed by sabotage an inaction.

The Russians in fact have more self worth because they would not wreck their country like the Ukrainians did. Imagine if anyone tried Maidan in Ollie’s native United Kingdom, how long would he last? Besides, this British interloper appears to support the opposition tactic of drawing out the kiddies, that is mobilizing teenagers for protest. I think the Russians are masochists allowing this creature to live and work in Russia.

And also, the claims that children were beaten are in themselves a propaganda tactic. In Kiev, it was later discovered that many of those beaten children were over 30.

The Czechs Start Building a Gas Pipeline Connecting Their Country to Nord Stream 2

The attitude of the Czechs towards Ukraine is an interesting one and an inconsistent one. Back in the 2014-2016 when the conflict in the Donbas was the hottest, the Czechs made weapons deliveries to Ukraine, enacted sanctions against Russia with the rest of the EU. and provided treatment to wounded Ukrainian soldiers. But when it comes to heat in their homes, the interests of Ukraine are successfully ignored.

A gas pipeline, the “Capacity4Gas” was turned online in the Czech Republic. The pipeline connects to the EUGAL, which is the terrestrial extension of the Nord Stream 2. Works on the remaining sea based pipeline, in Danish territorial waters should start on 15 January this year, and should the pipeline should be completed within two months.

The US government in a frantic effort to save the gas transit revenue for its puppet, Ukraine, enacted further sanctions but I am not certain this will work. The Nord Stream 2 was already sanctioned to the max…

Now, don’t you find it ridiculous that lawmakers across the pond can legislate against infrastructure projects here in Europe? For this reason, it is imperative that Germany and Russia resist any American pressure. As for America’s puppets, the weak little wretched countries of the Baltics and Ukraine, they need to be cut off from any potential revenue from Russia. And this is the policy of the Kremlin. These obstacles between Mittleuropa and Greater Russia will be bypassed with new infrastructures.

My recommendation to them is: “Topple your sellout governments, skewer the rich, and burn the US embassy!”

The Other Day, the Speaker of the Czech President Replied to my Tweet

A Czech journalist of Russian origin, Alexandr Mitrofanov, who holds all the proper views. Is against conservative Poland and Hungary, against Putin, and pro-EU accused Poland and Hungary of acting in the interests of the Kremlin.

“According to the [Czech President], Zeman, the Visegrad Group should be united in its support for Poland and Hungary in their conflict with the EU. If the Warsaw Pact cannot, the V4 must do but against the West and to the benefit of the Kremlin.”

So naturally I asked how does it actually benefit the Kremlin, and received a reply from the speaker of the president, Jiří Ovčáček.

“How does it benefit the Kremlin?”

“This is the beauty of it. Poland explicitly supports the Belarusian opposition, defends the Baltic states and is at loggerheads with the Kremlin. Where is the logic in this? If there is anyone that cooperates with the Kremlin, it is the old EU member countries.”