The Czechs Start Building a Gas Pipeline Connecting Their Country to Nord Stream 2

The attitude of the Czechs towards Ukraine is an interesting one and an inconsistent one. Back in the 2014-2016 when the conflict in the Donbas was the hottest, the Czechs made weapons deliveries to Ukraine, enacted sanctions against Russia with the rest of the EU. and provided treatment to wounded Ukrainian soldiers. But when it comes to heat in their homes, the interests of Ukraine are successfully ignored.

A gas pipeline, the “Capacity4Gas” was turned online in the Czech Republic. The pipeline connects to the EUGAL, which is the terrestrial extension of the Nord Stream 2. Works on the remaining sea based pipeline, in Danish territorial waters should start on 15 January this year, and should the pipeline should be completed within two months.

The US government in a frantic effort to save the gas transit revenue for its puppet, Ukraine, enacted further sanctions but I am not certain this will work. The Nord Stream 2 was already sanctioned to the max…

Now, don’t you find it ridiculous that lawmakers across the pond can legislate against infrastructure projects here in Europe? For this reason, it is imperative that Germany and Russia resist any American pressure. As for America’s puppets, the weak little wretched countries of the Baltics and Ukraine, they need to be cut off from any potential revenue from Russia. And this is the policy of the Kremlin. These obstacles between Mittleuropa and Greater Russia will be bypassed with new infrastructures.

My recommendation to them is: “Topple your sellout governments, skewer the rich, and burn the US embassy!”

7 thoughts on “The Czechs Start Building a Gas Pipeline Connecting Their Country to Nord Stream 2

  1. Looks like U-Know-Who is losing controls in Europe. This is a good thing as it’ll make the conversation between Europe and Russia a whole lot easier. For the Baltics and Ukraine, they need to focus on their own issue and stop believing that US or any Anglo power can bring any changes.


  2. My recommendation to them is: “Topple you governments, skewer the rich, and burn the US embassy!”

    This is the BEST recommendation I’ve read for a long time!

    Unfortunately it seems that the european herds of moron slaves are still under the spell of the United States of Terrorism. Probably ONLY when the USofT starts to use drones and killing with freedom bombs on them, that they will, or might, wake-up.


  3. Leos? Is that you?

    Russia is perfectly capable of completing the pipeline by itself, and I suspect the Danes are finished backing up – they may not participate in the project, but they will not withdraw their permission for the line to be laid in Danish waters. I am sure Russia will also be able to find someone who can certify the line safe for operations whose approval is satisfactory to the Danish government, although the US Department of State will doubtless pile on the pressure to persuade Denmark to refuse.

    Salmon should be cheap in Norway this year; I’m sure Russia will remember who stabbed it in the back, and that lucrative market for Norwegian fish will be gone for good.

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