Ukrainian Officials Have Gone Completely Bonkers on Identity Politics

Top Ukrainian officials allowed themselves displays of Svidomism that is scarcely fathomable…

First Alexey Arestovych said Ukraine should undergo a rebranding to Rus’-Ukraine to take the brand of Russians from Russia. I really wonder, what is wrong with Ukraine?

Mind you, the name Ukraine is rather modern too. It only gained circulation in the early 20th century. In a sense, back then the lands that are now Ukraine have undergone a rebranding. However, instead of being honest about their history, that is that the Ukraine is a result of emancipation of the creole culture created there through centuries of Polish rule, the Ukrainian nationalists such as the historian, Mikhailo Hrushevsky, who to my knowledge coined the hybrid term “Rus’-Ukraine”, began to usurp the rights to Old Rus’.

When it comes to Rus’, it was established by Swedish Vikings that were initially based in the north, in areas that are today part of the Russian Federation. Vladimir came to Kiev from the north, from Novgorod. The Ukrainians act as if the Russians have somehow stollen the rights to call themselves Russians.

From RT (hat tip: AK):

Alexey Arestovich, who works as the spokesman for Kiev’s delegation to the contact group on Donbass, claimed that Ukrainians are actually the real Russians.

Arestovych is a strange character. He was a blogger and a pick up artist before representing Ukraine in Minsk. But if a comedian can be a president, then all things are possible. Just do not expect anything highly intellectual from them.

Alexey Danilov, the head of the national security council, suggested to write the Ukrainian language in the Latin Script. This is utterly cargo cultish. Actually, the Cyrillic script is native to Slavs, and the switch to Latin script was always done when the German and Latin influence became dominant. In a sense, it would be a rejection of the Rus’ identity. The Cyrillic is a fusion of Greek and Glagolitic made specifically for Slavic languages. I am not certain such an initiative would be something Ukraine needs, it would create more problems than solve whatever the objectives this initiative has.

These initiatives from rather top Ukrainian officials are somewhere out of the realm of the absurd and betray an identity crisis in Ukraine. I have a solution, Kiev is the mother of all Russian cities and the Ukrainians are nothing but rebranded Russians, whose regional identity was used to manipulate them. However, as long as the Ukrainians continue to claim legacy of the Rus’, they cannot go against that legacy.

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