The Petrov and Boshirov Saga Makes the Czech Republic Look Bad

What have we discovered in the official version of the Petrov and Boshirov Czech saga? (although I personally do not think it is credible)

  1. The Czech Republic sells weapons to Ukraine and to Syrian rebels. I have long suspected that during the hight of the Donbas war the Czech Republic helped the Ukrainian government. Ukrainian government cargo planes were spotted in the Prague Airport. It really begs a question, are Ukrainian nazis and Sunni fanatics in Syria our allies, or is our government just doing the bidding of our Transatlantic masters?
  2. Shady Bulgarian businessmen store ammunition in evidently unsecured warehouses that can be invaded by Petrov and Boshirov and blown up. This does not seem very safe.
  3. The Czech government are total cucks, who would break at even the slightest of Murican pressure.
  4. Petrov and Boshirov are supermen, who should be made into comic strip heroes.

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