China Sent a Business Delegation to Crimea

Ukrainian Member of the Rada, Vadim Rabinovich wrote the following on his Facebook:

China’s reply to Ukraine’s stance on the “Motor Sich”.

The Chinese have long maintained their neutrality on the issue of Crimea. However, they have suddenly “changed their mind” and have dispatched there a representative committee headed by the members of the Beijing Export-Import Commission to “establish partnership”. The Chinese businessmen have, together with local authorities, agreed to establish contacts with local companies, they have presented an action plan in the area of tourism and health tours for Chinese citizens. They are also ready to invest in the hotel industry.


RIA Novosti reports the Crimean Minister of Economic Development confirmed a visit of Chinese businessmen took place.

Motor Sich is a Ukrainian factory that makes engines for airplanes. A large share in the company was recently sold by its private owners to Chinese investors. The Ukrainian government, likely under pressure from America, sanctioned the Chinese investors, and said this is a matter of national security.

It begs a question, whose national security? Ukraine’s or America’s? The governments of the East European countries seem to have made American economic and security issues their own. A perfect colonial relationship.

4 thoughts on “China Sent a Business Delegation to Crimea

  1. Both Kiev and Ukrainian Nazis are just American ass lickers. Same thing with Ukraine, same thing with Myanmar nowadays (yes I’ve said it on my FB wall that US is behind the coup), US has no problem at all at supporting some of the worst types just to corner Russia and/or China. However, I hope that Chinese businessmen won’t resort to the “usual business” of being largely unassimilated to the local economic. I have some understanding of the problem with Chinese businessmen and investors in Serbia, and I hope it won’t repeat in Crimea because at the end, it just makes Chinese even more hated and put Chinese people world wide in danger.


    1. Slavs are actually happy with Asians here because the latter stick to themselves. The Vietnamese here are like a totally exotic zone, and the Chinese only keep to their own in my experience.

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      1. I think it might depends on the country and region. Slavs or non-Slavs alike, I get the impression that we have a bad reps in Eastern Mediterranean in general, especially those Chinese investors.


      2. It is just the issue of China not having the cultural and naval clout yet. Once the West declines, the people around the World will respect the Chinese more.

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