Biden Comes out as Putler Killer Cultist

So, as you may have probably heard, the senile president of the United States called Vladimir Putin a killer, after being asked in an interview if he thinks Putin is a killer…

Putler Killer has been a meme the Russophobic circles in the West have now peddled for some time. But what to make of it. I will tell you what to make of this. Biden is a senile old man, and a leader of a declining power. Russia is on the rise, and the more Russia strides forth, these old Russophobes will more hysterical. But otherwise, such comments are nothing to worry about. For instance, Boris Johnson likened Putin to Hitler in 2018, and predictably UK-Russian relations were getting progressively worse…

Yeah, Putin is Hitler and he is a killer, and he is the best leader Russia had in decades.

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