Neonazis Vandalize The Office of the President of Ukraine

This is what the door to the office of the president on Bankovaya street in central Kiev looks like now…

The neonazis have protested the jailing of a neonazi thug, Sternenko. But I am rather worried about a regime that allows the mob to vandalize seats of authority like this. The response of Murica to a rampaging mob was to call in the military to Washington DC.

So what will be Zelensky’s reaction to this?

6 thoughts on “Neonazis Vandalize The Office of the President of Ukraine

  1. One thing I find it funny, is how the colonies of US aka the so-called “free world” are actually forced to be more free in terms of being chaotic, slutty, trashy or bat shit insane aggressive due to drug related violence, than US’ very own self. If US wants to import such values to the mobs of confused, angry youths around the world, then learn to lead by example. Either that or the US decision makers need to shut the fuck up.


    1. I have a suspicion that it is the US arm in Ukraine that uses radical nationalists to create an anti-Russian force both within and without.

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      1. In another words, those Nazi type are US’ extended arms in Ukraine, meant to control Ukrainian politics and make sure Ukraine remains the way it is. Well the way I see it, US and Anglos in general have been great manipulators. The chances are, the Ukronazi doesn’t even realize that they’ve been used. Same thing happened with the anti-China elements across Asia. One thing in common between the Ukronazi and those anti-China Asians is that they look at US as some kind of divine saviors and someone to be worshipped instead of partner, allies or even boss. When such thoughts occurs, any rationality will simply disappear.

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      2. I have a post in the works that brings more light on this thinking among Westerners about but I did not find the time to write it yet.

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