A Fugitive Polish Soldier in Belarus Says the Polish Forces Were Killing Volunteers, and Refugees

Anatoly Shariy: The fugitive Polish soldier in Belarus said that he was witness to the Polish border guards killed at least two volunteers helping the refugees. They were shot in the head after a question: “where are you taking them.” I would like to know if the EU awards him for telling the truth, like it did in the case of Muratov and Navalny.

The interview with Emil Czeczko, the fugitive Polish soldier is quite something, at least the bits that are available, and those that I could find so far. Whether he is talking the truth I don’t know but he literally says that reason for his desertion were extrajudicial killings by the Polish border guards, and other security services. I translate:

We we hunting some lonely man, then we drove him to the woods, excavated a hole, and then when we were totally drunk, right in front of us, when we did not realise what is happening, the border guards shot him straight to the head. They selected soldiers, got them inebriated and then told them who to shoot.

I have seen two such situations. One (volunteer) was shot in the head, and the other one was placed in a row with the rest. There has never been a situation when we guided the migrants, and we did not kill them. We have always killed.


Polish Foreign Ministry Complains About the Treatment of Polish People in Ukraine

The season is over, and I have free time to dedicate to this blog again. And I would like to introduce a new thesis to this blog. “UKRAINE DOES NOT HAVE ANY FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURS”. However, Ukraine has a perfect geographical location that it absolutely does not exploit. I think we have a case of Peremoha & Zrada, they are the two sides of the karbovanets coin. While Ukraine was gifted this perfect location by fate, or Bolsheviks, the regime there chose radical nationalism and cannot make any use of the advantages Ukraine has in any way. Similarly, the system favours a narrow orientation towards the West, which makes things even more complicated. It is like having a perfect graphics card but running old drivers for it. Outdated, caveman nationalism is hampering Ukrainian relations on all fronts.

The other day, the Polish foreign ministry complained about the treatment of Poles in Ukraine. The Polish deputy of the Polish foreign minister, Szymon Szynkowski said that the Poles in Ukraine are discriminated on the basis of religion, access to education, and freedom of speech. He also mentioned that in Ukraine, people responsible for genocide of the West Ukrainian Polish population are being glorified in Ukraine. The latter has long been a major complaint of Poles towards Ukraine. However, complaints about the treatment of coethnics in Ukraine has so far been the preserve of Hungary.

You see, Ukraine lacks friendly relations with any of its neighbours, despite having a perfect geographical location that it could exploit to the fullest.

Andriy Gerus: Lithuania Buys Belorussian Electricity While Ukraine…

The Ukrainian parliamentarian, Andriy Gerus said that Lithuania buys electricity from Belorussian nuclear power plants, while the Lithuanian president suggested to Ukraine to refuse such energy deliveries from Belarus several months earlier.

Officially it was declared as imports from Latvia, however it was in fact electricity from Belarus that Lithuania is supposedly fighting against. Belarus has a new nuclear power plant and is pumping electricity on all directions.

The moral of the story is. Do not believe the squeals of provincial nonentities like Lithuania and instead build nuclear reactors.

Lukashenko’s Hybrid Weaponized Migrants and the West’s Hypocrisy

A funny situation is playing out…

Bulba dictator, Alexander Lukashenko pretty much realised that he owes the EU shit in terms of border protection, and whom he lets into the country, and stopped arresting migrants from the Middle East aiming for Europe. There is hysteria among the pro-Western commentariat of Eastern Europe.

Check out this article:

On the one hand, of course, we might sympathize with illegal migrants, those ill-fated people whom the Minsk regime is now so cynically exploiting. Moreover, according to an investigation by Lithuania’s national broadcaster LRT, Lukashenko is also profiting off of the trafficking scheme. Those people save up money to leave their troubled life behind and move to tranquil Europe, which their traffickers assure them will be a safe trip. Instead, they find themselves in a temporary detention camp, facing prospects of being deported. A truly hopeless situation…

Lithuanians, on the other hand, also must be heard out. Working hard for the past years to overcome the consequences of Soviet occupation, they are trying to adjust their lives to European standards. And then, out of the blue, their usual way of life which they’ve so eagerly sought to achieve gets turned head over heels. And all due to the Belarusian dictator’s revenge, his cynical attack through deploying migrant “pawns.”

Deported where? To Belarus? To Afghanistan?

Note that the Lithuanians are now in a precarious situation that does not have an easy solution. But honestly, all North African countries and Turkey are doing the same and nobody calls these migrants “Erdogan’s pawns”, or “Mohammed VI’s revenge”. Isn’t that kind of hypocritical?

Lithuania should show the Western countries how its done! By the way, Mohammed VI is a cool guy…

Post inspired by this video.

16 Year Old Protasevych Wanted to be a Space Engineer

One of my hobbies is astrology, and one of the astrological theories revolves around the correlation of the transit of Saturn with life events in the development of people. A rather secular understanding of this would attribute these events to hormonal changes but that does not explain events around you. Each one of us has a Saturn at a certain position when we are born but the planet does not stand still. In 15 years, it will stand in opposition to your Saturn, and what do experience? A youthful rebellion!

Many of millennials experienced a crisis come late twenties. This is when Saturn returns to the position in the Zodiac it was at at the time of your birth. Some will say that they haven’t had any crisis. Well, some people are well posited, they have rich parents, or they have made the right choices during the opposition and the waning square. But Saturn presents a challenge for the young people to adapt to adult life, you have to overcome your youthful fire, and you have to do good in uni, or in your job. You have to get those grades, make a good impression as an intern etc.

For more information, I suggest the work of Robert Hand. Check out my Mundane Astrology blog, but I haven’t updated it in a while.

Mr. Protasevych is a textbook example of this theory, it is the Saturn return for him as he is now in his mid-late 20s, but to understand the road that led him here, one must look at the choices he made at the time of his Saturn opposition in his youth.

In Spring 2011, Protasevych was nominated for a presidential prize for a work on a cooling system in satellites, which included his own model. Protasevych presented his model at a conference in St. Petersburg dedicated to the Day of Cosmonautics. There he met the Soviet cosmonaut, Gregory Grechko. After finishing school, Protasevych planned to study at A.F. Mozhaysky Military-Space Academy in St. Petersburg. Protasevych was studying at a prestigious Minsk school that focuses on physics and technology.

Protasevych and Grechko


Then in Summer he met some people that offered him study in Poland, and he fled home… Two years later he was felling Lenin at the Besarabskaya in Kiev. Serving in Azov in the Donbas.

He managed to work in the Radio Liberty and do an internship in the US. I just wanna ask:

Ну що сынку, помогли тебе твои Пендосы?

Protasevych in the Department of State

Ukraine Stops Buying Electricity From Belarus and Russia

Ukraine stopped buying electricity from Belarus and Russia… until 1 October…

I personally think Russia and Belarus should stop all energy imports into Ukraine. Electricity powers anti-Russian propaganda, and oil products fuel the Ukrainian war machine in the Donbas. Sternenko agrees with me.

Meanwhile though, the state oil company of Azerbaijan, SOCAR agrees to resell Rosneft products to Ukraine and the electricity deliveries will be resumed come the first colds.

When will it finally dawn on the Russian and Belarussian leadership that the Ukrainian regime is a hostile entity?

Give the Eastern Slavs USSR 2.0

I don’t have the old sovok in mind. I mean a Union of Slavic States of the Rus…

Ahead of time…

The Eastern Slavs deserve an Empire with outposts in the Carpathians. This ideology presupposes the rejection of any propositions that do not lead to the unity of Eastern Slavs. Disunity and regional separatism is nothing but a method of the Collective West to weaken Russia and exploit its territory.

Anything that opposes the unity of Russia is actually a tool of the West to be used against Russia. The Ukrainian nationalism is a decrepit ideology of Petlyura, Bandera, Shukhevych, pogroms, Babiy Yar, Khatyn’, The Odessan House of the Trade Unions. It is an evolutionary dead end. The Ukrainian nationalists haven’t won any of their territories and must give them back to the Russian people. Ukrnazis can relocate to Canada for all I care.

The Russian Federation and its ally Belarus must work out a way to neutralise and topple the regime in Kiev and install somebody that would realign the country East. An ideology of unification needs to be worked out.

New Ukraine will have:

  1. Russian made official on the entire territory.
  2. Trade Union with the Russian Federation and Belarus.
  3. Ukrnazis and any forms of Hitler onanism will be banned and Ukrnazis will be expelled to the West.
  4. That includes a total ban on radical Ukrainian nationalism, that means Bandea, Shukhevych, Petlyura were all ghouls.
  5. Russophobia will be punished with prison.

I believe that the above is achievable in our lifetime. Russia, Belarus, DNR and LNR should work in concert to neutralize Banderstan. Banderstan is now almost surrounded, and I am not certain why Moscow, Minsk, Donetsk and Lugansk let it live?

Zingeris: Lithuania is Paying a Price for Wanting to Turn Belarus Into Ukraine

This video has it all…

I have found a video on Politnavigator, that terrible Russian disinformation platform, which however happens to be more informative than your mainstream media. It features Lithuanian parliamentarian, Emanuelis Zingeris speaking to a Belorussian opposition figure. I translate what he says.

I would like to tell my Belarusian friend that there isn’t any relent in Warsaw or Vilnius. You know how much we are paying for this. Belarus, Lukashenko, the former president has given an order to remove all the transports, starting with Potassium, through Klajpeda. This is the closest port for Belarus, one third of all transports through Klajpeda are Belarusian transports, we have rejected those things too… And we are simply on the side of the Belarusian people and it costs us, we understand this, and I am glad our government has given a clear statement on this matter. We are on the side of reforms in Belarus, we support Mrs. Tikhanovskaya and we hope that the Belarusian people learn from the experience of Ukraine and adopts Ukrainian structural changes. How Ukrainian became todays Ukraine…

There are politicians, who are so deluded as to give Ukraine as an example. Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe; it has a civil war on its territory; the Russian language, which Zingeris uses to communicate to his Belarusian friend is not official there; millions of people are forced to emigrate in search of jobs and security (Lithuania experiences similar trends); opposition parties are being under legal harassment; TV channels are being closed; neonazis celebrate SS in Kiev…

Belarusians can be glad Bat’ka did not allow Belarus to become Ukraine.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Wants to Rename Belarus

Apparently, the current name reminds one of Russia too much. Weren’t we told that the word Rus has as much relationship to Russia as Romania does to Rome?

The word Rus is an antiquated word for Russia. The current name Russia is a hellenism which has been adopted by European languages, including Russian somewhere in the Middle Ages. In the Early Middle Ages however, the Arabs referred to the Varangians that sailed the rivers of Russia as Rhos, clearly adopting the nomenclature of the people they wrote about.

The division of Rus, into what we now know as Russia, Ukraine and Belarus has its origins in a centuries long occupation of the lands of Rus by Lithuania and Poland, which has created a creole culture that formed the basis for the national movements of the Belarusians and Ukrainians. And while the Ukrainians have found a way to do away with their previous ethnonym, which was Little Russians, the Belarusians did not. Nevertheless, I still not know whether changing the ethnonym was a win for the Ukrainians.

Gabrielius Landsbergis, the foreign minister of Lithuania thinks the name of Belarus needs a little tweak. He said so the other day in a meeting with the Belarusian opposition leader, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. Translated from Shariy.net:

The name that we use for our neighboring country should not evoke the notion that Belarus is a part of Russia, which developed during the years of occupation. Belarus means White Rus not Russia, and this should be reflected in the name we use. If the Belarusians express the wish, we will change the name we employ, just like we changed the name of Georgia to Sakartvelo.

Gabrielius Landsbergis

Perhaps the EU should start calling Georgia: “Sakartvelo”. But perhaps this works for Baltic languages. The Czechs would finds this funny.

An Environmentalist Activist From the Czech Republic Wants an EU Army to Wage a Crusade on Belarus

Progressivism is a religion and it requires a military action to assert its values…

I hate war but I am not a pacifist. I would really like for there to be a collective European army instead of national militaries. And I would like it to intervene in Belarus in the name of European values to help local civic society.
Hnutí Duha are absolute scum when it comes to environmental activism.

As Lukashenko suppresses the zmaharist protests, democratists are falling into panic.