Ukraine Stops Buying Electricity From Belarus and Russia

Ukraine stopped buying electricity from Belarus and Russia… until 1 October…

I personally think Russia and Belarus should stop all energy imports into Ukraine. Electricity powers anti-Russian propaganda, and oil products fuel the Ukrainian war machine in the Donbas. Sternenko agrees with me.

Meanwhile though, the state oil company of Azerbaijan, SOCAR agrees to resell Rosneft products to Ukraine and the electricity deliveries will be resumed come the first colds.

When will it finally dawn on the Russian and Belarussian leadership that the Ukrainian regime is a hostile entity?

One thought on “Ukraine Stops Buying Electricity From Belarus and Russia

  1. I think the problem here is Poland. Both Russia and Belarus need to pay more attention to that country. The way I see it, Poland is a country that lives in the past. What Poland wants is to use EU and US to regain what the Pole nationalists consider to be their former territories, which includes a great chunk of Ukraine and Belarus. This is why you see Sikorski tried to have Yanukovych negotiate with the oppositions back in 2014 and how Poland was so enthusiastic about the protest in Belarus against Lukashenko. However for Ukraine, it didn’t work out as Poland thought it would because Poland forgot to take the corruption level of Ukraine into consideration. Sikorski was trying to have both sides negotiate as a way to prevent Nazis from becoming big, but what he didn’t realize was that Nazis have already penetrated deep into Ukrainian government. There’s no way to go about it without dealing with the Nazis. In another words, what Sikorski wanted with Ukraine was a mission impossible, and thanks to his miscalculation, Ukraine has turned into an even bigger shithole than it was before Euromaidan and Poland’s effort at spreading influence in Ukraine has failed.

    That said, I don’t think Poland will learn. If Poland failed to learn that US and EU were merely using Poland as an instrument to counter Russia all these time and give zero fuck about Poland, then it wouldn’t learn from the blind spot of its Ukrainian policies neither. Also with their right wing at large under Duda’s presidency, Poland will be even less likely to learn. Now Poland seems to want to repeat it again with Belarus (as I said, they didn’t learn a thing), but Lukashenko ain’t no Yanukovych. Belarus ain’t no Ukraine. If this gets real, Poland would find itself in a very awkward and embarrassing situation.


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