Black Sun Azov Magazine With Protasevych Will Earn you a Zucc

Guys, I do not understand what you all are still doing on Facebook. On Facebook, you cannot discuss certain topics, you might be be banned for absolute nonsense, and in Ukraine Facebook is literally moderated by Nazis.

So is it any wonder Facebook does not want you to see a picture of Protasevych on Azov Black Sun magazine? In 2016, my now defunct Facebook was mentioned on a list of Russian trolls compiled by Ukrnazis. So I am not surprised that I was blocked almost every month until that profile was mercilessly deleted. I am however surprised, Anatoly Shariy, who featured the above Zucc in his recent video, and called Facebook “a dump,” still uses it…

There is life after Facebook, and if the people cannot see your posts, what is the point of using it?

4 thoughts on “Black Sun Azov Magazine With Protasevych Will Earn you a Zucc

  1. As someone with some knowledge about psychology, I think I have an answer to why folks still use FB despite all the zucc and unpleasant experience with the dumb asses and normies. It’s kind of a psychological thing. You see all the emoticon reacts (especially the laugh reacts, love reacts and angry reacts), and you see all the friends who frequent your FB wall and even the pm on FB Messenger. All those things can make you feel that you’re the center of attention and therefore feel empowered. Whether you are really the center of attention or not is entirely different subject, but the most important thing is that people feel that way. Same reason why you still see folks love US despite all the wrongs it has done and how life in US is not what many non-American would be immigrants think it is. In order to break free of this borderline addiction type of psyche, I say family and close friends who actually care and most of all, who actually understand, helps a lot. However not everyone have that. This might be the prime reason. The others being that they want to increase their clouds so they can spread their message far. Whether it’s effective or not and how long can the OP last before he gets zucced is another subject, but they see no other way.

    The best way to go? Find something that’s as big as FB, which makes Sukaberg loses whatever legitimacy he has left. Either that, or try to make everyone become aware of FB’s real ugly underbelly and encourage everyone to sign up for online forums like how it was back in 2000s. However, both tactics take time and we might not see the results within this decade.


    1. For a while, I have not spread my blog on Facebook because I am not there. People share my stuff but overall the readership through Facebook has dropped. From time to time, I get one or two clicks from Facebook and that’s it. But my readership has actually increased despite me avoiding social media. Also, my Website might already be shadow zucced. Yeah, I think we need to go back to forums like we had in the early 2000s, also migrate to your own spaces like this one or like Donald Trump does on his site.

      To be honest, I am not going to return to Facebook. If I need it for business, I will make somebody set up pages and adverts for me.

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      1. For your readership, I’ve noticed that you seem to have attracted more intelligent readers instead of bunch of sperg lords and Duginists like how it was back in your Facebook days. Perhaps it’s because back then most of the sperg lords were attracted to your jokes, or Duginists attracted to whatever they interpreted as what you stood for. If you want intelligent readers and actual meaningful discussion then FB might not be the best option, and if you’ve somehow managed to conquer the psychological effects I’ve mentioned and able to kiss FB goodbye then more power to you.

        As for shadow zucc, I’ve tried to share articles from Anatoly Karlin once and FB didn’t even allow me to post the link. It wasn’t even zucc nor anything. I just can’t post it.


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