Czech Parliamentarian who Supported Me Too gets Me Tooed

Wikipedia has a good summary of the case of Dominik Feri in English:

In May 2021, he was accused of a sexual assault and rape by eight anonymous female students. This story was published by the Czech media after a discussion started by an anonymous Twitter account, where many participants wrote about Feri being offensive and arrogant to women, in many cases directly and promptly offering a sexual intercourse. As the Czech media stated, these alleged assaults and sexual offense cases should have been happening throughout 2015-2020. Many anonymous sources state in the media’s article state that Feri’s behaviour has been a “public secret” for a longer period of time. After the publicity, Feri immediatelly announced his resignation and withdrawal from the 2021 Czech legislative election. The Police have already started an investigation regarding this case.

The funny thing is that Dominik Feri supported MeToo in 2017. Guilty or not, I will just say that many Czech politicians do not have a mind of their own and the Czech interests in mind, and copy any initiative from the United States. That is why we see parliamentarians supporting MeToo. We also have the Mayor of Prague renaming the street on which the Russian Embassy is located in the honour of Boris Nemtsov, an initiative that began in Washington D.C. with the Boris Nemtsov Plaza. We also see Czech senators debating a boycott of the olympics in Beijing next year after a suggestion was made by Nanci Pelosi.

I literally want politicians that have our beautiful country and its interests in mind, and do not copy everything they see in America. I would never cast a vote for these unoriginal lackeys.

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