Lukashenko’s Hybrid Weaponized Migrants and the West’s Hypocrisy

A funny situation is playing out…

Bulba dictator, Alexander Lukashenko pretty much realised that he owes the EU shit in terms of border protection, and whom he lets into the country, and stopped arresting migrants from the Middle East aiming for Europe. There is hysteria among the pro-Western commentariat of Eastern Europe.

Check out this article:

On the one hand, of course, we might sympathize with illegal migrants, those ill-fated people whom the Minsk regime is now so cynically exploiting. Moreover, according to an investigation by Lithuania’s national broadcaster LRT, Lukashenko is also profiting off of the trafficking scheme. Those people save up money to leave their troubled life behind and move to tranquil Europe, which their traffickers assure them will be a safe trip. Instead, they find themselves in a temporary detention camp, facing prospects of being deported. A truly hopeless situation…

Lithuanians, on the other hand, also must be heard out. Working hard for the past years to overcome the consequences of Soviet occupation, they are trying to adjust their lives to European standards. And then, out of the blue, their usual way of life which they’ve so eagerly sought to achieve gets turned head over heels. And all due to the Belarusian dictator’s revenge, his cynical attack through deploying migrant “pawns.”

Deported where? To Belarus? To Afghanistan?

Note that the Lithuanians are now in a precarious situation that does not have an easy solution. But honestly, all North African countries and Turkey are doing the same and nobody calls these migrants “Erdogan’s pawns”, or “Mohammed VI’s revenge”. Isn’t that kind of hypocritical?

Lithuania should show the Western countries how its done! By the way, Mohammed VI is a cool guy…

Post inspired by this video.

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