More Info on Protosevych’s Involvement in the Donbas War

Anatoly Shariy has dug out an old article, which is an interview with a soldier by the code name “Kim”, who served in the Pahonia platoon, a Belarussian unit, that looks very much like Roman Protosevych, who was arrested in Minsk few days ago…

From the article

Protasevych told about first shooting at a man. “It is you or me, I don’t regret anything.” Lukashenko said in front of Belarussian parliamentarians that Protasevych is guilty of war crimes committed in the Donbas.

See my main post on Protasevych

Update: Another photo has surfaced.

The guy in glasses is identified as Belorussian, Stanislav Goncharov. He served in Azov between 2014-16. Goncharov is now in Belarussian prison but not for being a member of the Azov and fighting in the Donbas. His sentence is for hate speech, robbery, and pornography.

30 Waffen SS Division

Update 2: Protasevych in a swastika themed t-shirt.

Hat tip: Peremogi (and one more); and Anatoly Karlin

6 thoughts on “More Info on Protosevych’s Involvement in the Donbas War

  1. This prick looks like too much of a khomyak ( hamster) to me , to have actually fought in Azov battalion. The weird cover photo on the magazine only appears to confirms this – maybe nobody would want to pose for this photo for a magazine so they just get the guy who isn’t doing any actual fighting to be in it. Not that this whole story of him hanging around them still doesn’t hugely discredit him.
    That’s not that I am implying any sort of masculinity about these cowardly scum child and woman murderers who actually fight in Azov – but Protosevych does not seem the type.

    It’s like Zelensky in his army gear, pretending that he is risking his live by meeting soldiers on the “frontline” – just a photo-op with no chance he is actually risking anything.

    Any why does the imbecile Goncharov have part of his tattoo in honour of the Nazi’s written in German…….but the Waffen SS division written in english?


      1. You know that SKR has an active case against Yatsenyuk for fighting against Russia in Chechnya during the 90’s?
        It’s both implausible …and highly plausible at the same time.


      2. Yatsenyuk may have helped Ukrainians fighting in Chechnya. I think a guy like this knows a lot.


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